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The Load


There is a lot I want to do these days but work has been a lot and I have been running around trying to put together something else as well. Putting together a business plan is good but putting everything in writing as well as figuring out all the numbers requires a lot of foot work.

I’m also looking into just doing a bit of an overhaul to one computer to get it running smoothly again with a just a few minor upgrades. I love working on a PC getting it upgraded, upgrading the firmwares, and then setting up the software correctly. I don’t have standard software that I install in every computer, I have a base set of softwares and then I install the softwares which will designate the use of the specific PC, if it doesn’t need to be there then it shouldn’t. Keep it simple and light, that is what I have learned.

Then I need to visit some family which I haven’t been able to for a little while these days. I’m just happy I managed to hang out with my brother and his family on saturday it was nice being around and playing around with the kids.

I think this might be the first weekend that I go to the ocean and I’m going to take full advantage of it, I want to go for a swim for sure.