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Day of Rampage!


I have never gotten as pissed as I have the other day! I think I blew a couple of veins, and I wiped the floor with a couple of people. The worst kind of people are those who lie and those are just pure scum bags. People screw up and I don’t mind that, people make mistakes and you can fix that.

My problem is with these kinds of people:

  • Those who lie
  • Those who stab you in the back

The other day I went off on someone that I don’t think was expecting me to go off, I’m usually really cool about everything and even when I get worked up I’m aggressive but level headed, but this time I let the flood gates open and didn’t care until I made sure this guy knew that I’m stopping just short of killing him,. When I really go off is when someone messes around with my work, I don’t care if that person is high up or below I will push them out of the way if they don’t get out of the way. I take responsibility for my work, and I have pride in my work and if someone is screwing it up and its coming to me then I will be extremely pissed off. That is one situation where I wiped the floor with a guy who is supposed to be respected, I basically told him he is useless and shouldn’t even be in this profession, and told him to not open his trap again, or I will be shutting it for him permanently.

The other person was trying to squeeze a deal to somebody else because I know that he was getting some cash under the table, and it was clear as day but after working on it the deal came my way. I was honest about the whole thing, the whole way, and if we didn’t get it then I didn’t mind since I knew we put full effort and I knew I’m going to do a good job but this idiot was still trying to get us to go through someone else. At that point I got pissed since I knew there was some dirty work happening under the table and so I decided to tell him that since he is an intelligent person he shouldn’t be asking stupid questions.

I really get pissed with dishonest people, both when dealing with them internally and externally.