Mall of the Emirates


I have been there a couple of times at this point and I have to say that it is one the best malls I have been to. It is not because of the size of the mall but the diversity, and organization of the mall. They did a really good job of bunching up shops of similar interests within the same area to make easier for the shopper to find what they want, compare prices, and find different brans of the same product. This is the case for every type of product, and there is a very large entertainment center, skiing, a few food courts, a cinema, and everything else you could want in a mall.


The Avenues could be comparable in size but the it is no comparison when it comes to the quality and diversity of the stores. The Mall of the Emirates targets every possible consumer, there is something for everyone, The Avenues currently only targets women, and there wasn’t much organization in place of the shops.


Every time I go to the Dubai I always go to the Mall of the Emirates when I have time since its always fun to walk around there.











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  1. Interesting! I’ll go there next time :)

  2. could be a nice place for window shopping, otherwise much damage could be done :p

  3. Yep, this is definitely one of the better malls to go to in Dubai. And you don’t realy have to shop, just window shopping does you a whole lot of good.

    If you’ve got some extra time, you’ve got to visit ski Dubai which is a part of the Mall. It’s worth gogin to at least once even if you’re not a snowy kind of person. I remember my drive up to the Mall which is a little off downtown. It’s really cool to be driving in a desert and wham – in the distance you see a white monstrous structure (snow) smack in the middle of the desert!

    BTW, I like your collection of pictures of the mall dude. A very eclectic mix I must say!

  4. pinkyia: yup its nice for sure!

    Laialy: Your wallet would be emptied out very quickly!

    barryuno: I would get dessimated if I went on the ski slopes! I saw it before, its nice! I just tend to snap around a lot when I walk!

  5. wow…”Duplicate and then you wait…For the next Kuwait.”
    You like it Turkish and black, I think??!!

  6. K: Thats a secret!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: Nope, I don’t! I wasn’t drinking that!

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