Review: Highlander – The Search For Vengeance


I had high expectations for this anime even though it is an animated remake version of the Highlander story. The story starts with the life of Colin McCloud in his current situation and going right into battle. One of the main aspects of the anime from the start is the high quality of the art as well as the fantastic action. The story is simple yet very well done, and the anime goes back and forth to cover the history of Colin and his history with his rival. This anime can only be described as a combination of Ninja Scroll and Vampire Hunter D, and the director is the same of Ninja Scroll and Bloodlust. It is one of the most enjoyable anime movies I have seen yet, and if you are a fan of Ninja Scroll then this is a must see.

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  1. I didn’t know that the movie exists. Maybe, it didn’t do well so they didn’t promote it. Although the director is famous for a number of projects eg. X Tv series, Ninja Scroll, he’s profile declined over the last few years due to disappinting anime titles like the highly anticipated Ninija Scroll: The Tv Series which was a disaster. I will give it a try as I love his approach and style, although I do feel that he still lives in the 80s. Well, that why his work a joy to watch.

  2. Chroma-Trauma: I really think he did a good job with it. Ninja Scroll the TV series was pretty good! The anime was damn good but there has been better! I really enjoyed it!

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