Laptop Dissection


I went to Bin Khaldoon street to pay a bill I owed, and I when I’m there I can’t just walk-in and walk-out, I always tend to walk around and check a few places out. I can’t help taking a look around and seeing what is in the market. What is funny, in Kuwait they go on trends with electronics, for the longest time you couldn’t find anything except D-Link, then Belkin, then Linksys. When it came to Hard Drives for a while it was Maxtor, and now its Western Digital.


So when I was walking around I walked into the store where I bought my work laptop over a year ago now and I ask him for some ram for the laptop to upgrade it. I bought 1 GB 667 Mhz Kingston ram for my Dell Latitude D820 since it only had 1 GB and I decided at that point to upgrade it to 2 GB since the cost of one stick is 28 KD.


I downloaded the service manual and began the dissection of my laptop while following the instructions. After I finished up and I was hoping I didn’t screw anything up, it said that what I did was wrong and I it isn’t being recognized. Going into the system Bios it showed the ram was there, so then I decided to take a leap of faith and flash the Bios from A01 to A04. I was crossing my fingers and then things were working fine and it felt that the programs were running lighter when I was booting them up. I felt like a mad scientist since I had to open up the laptop in two spots and I had different size screwdrivers all over the place.



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  1. I’m proud of you my little Jedi! Not many people, even experienced technicians would know how to take apart & put together a laptop. :)

    BIOS ver A08 is out for Dell btw. Make sure you update your wifi if you have the Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN Mini-Card. The older one reports problems with frequent disconnects.

    I have a corporate one..Dell D620 with the built-in security card reader & fingerprint scanner. I don’t like Dells, but it does the job! :)

    And uhmm..RAM is under the battery, why open the keyboard? :P

  2. Sorry I meant RAM under the laptop not is hectic today…wanna come work with me? :D

  3. Laialy: loooooool!

    Я: The main Ram is under the keyboard and the other ram is under the laptop. So I had to dismantle the top and bottom! It was a lot rediculous work, I will try updating the BIOS again, but it was a task and I have a lot of data! Honestly I wasn’t that happy getting a Dell but it has really performed, I really like the Latitude series!

  4. I’m sure you know it already, but I’ll tell you anyway:

    Put in your service tag # (on the bottom of ur laptop) and just choose whichever drivers you want to download. Shouldn’t be much of a hassle.

    As for the BIOS, I’ve done mine twice and didn’t lose any files, so I think you’re on the safe side.

    I still prefer a Mac..wish I didn’t sell my old PB :/

  5. since I don’t have a laptop, it would be great to know more from you both, Marzouq and Я, till I finally got my own.
    Thanks for sharing tips!!!

  6. Я : Yup I remember that, I was just looking at the wrong place the first time! Thanks for the link though! I will update the BIOS again later in the day!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: Its as you see!

  7. lol thats fun. I misread the topic as laptop dance.. , don’t ask lol!

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