Emptying Inbox


My current cell phone has a finite amount of memory allocated for messages and so it said “Memory Almost Full at 95%”, and so the Inbox was a bit slow when I was accessing it so I decided to completely empty it after thinking about it for about 30 seconds. I was just trying to remember if there was anything important in the messages, and I decided that if I tried looking for an important message then it would take more time then I had. So I decided to delete all the messages, and I have going with this trend for a while.

Even with my emails I just delete company or promotional emails, and I keep the rest. There is enough space these days that it just isn’t worth going through and deleting emails. If I don’t want something then I just delete it right away, and the first thing I delete are forwards.

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  1. Your phone is Sony Ericsson w880i, right?

    I have a Sony Ericsson w810i and I really suffer from deleting text messages every now and then. The phone has a very limited messages storage and it’s really annoying.

    If you decide to check what important messages you have, you will end up having LOADS of important messages and will not want to delete any of them, just like how I do every time, lol.

  2. don’t u wish gmail software was used to manage sms inbox? Stars, Labels and search, etc..

  3. same here e-mail-wise.. but i need to work on my smses lol

  4. Finally after working for 60 hours this week when I should put in 40 hours I get a chance to sit and relax for a bit.. actually this is the first weekend that I would rest my heels in a long while.

    As for your topic, emptying inboxes whether its sms or email is really tough so tough :P

  5. deleting all those stupid wataniya messages is a pain in the you know what !

  6. I LOVE to delete emails … i feel good for some reason
    in general i like to throw things away i hate clutter

  7. Amjad: yup! That is for sure, it does have limited storage, they should let it expand to the external memory but it can’t! That is why I deleted all of them without looking!

    vampire: maybe 200!

    mishref: Yes! I wish!

    Swair: Emails can be sorted a bit, texts are too much to sort through!

    Jacqui: 7amdilla you get to relax! Your right! It is tough, but you have to doit!

    mathew: Yup!

    Laialy: loooool! hahaha! I noticed!

  8. select all, DELETE! Nothing beats that..! I like to save some messages, the weird saved messages in sony is very very limited! That’s weak! Wish there was a hack to make it unlimited..

  9. N: I wish they would expand it! Really needs some work!!

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