The Demon Drive


When going to and from the Red Bull event I think K and I turned the highways into a race track. We were cutting back and forth like demons and I think the adrenaline got us going. At one point we were skidding around an empty round about as if it was a scene from too fast too furious.

After the meet was done we took the airport road down to the 5th ring road, flying around cars as if they were stationary! I was completely concentrating on the drive, and when we got onto the Malik Fahad Highway we were driving fast but not too crazy. Then K split to the right and I was on the left and I saw a cop creep up behind me, and within a split second I decided to take-off. There was no way he could catch up with me, I flew and we had a few very close calls. K already took the first exit and I was flying, when he switched on his lights I was already 400 meters away, he couldn’t catch up no matter what he did, too much traffic. When we exited he wasn’t even in view, and too many cars between us! One hell of a drive!

Two things could happen:

  • If he got my plates then he can have my license suspended, and I would deny that I was driving!
  • If he didn’t get my plates then I’m free flying!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Corolla Man (AE86)

    حاشني هل إحساس لم كنت في ميامي كان عندي سفك هوندة ومعاي وايد ناس,كان لوية ادرجة طلعولنة هلكوبتر

  2. That was very irresponsible, and selfish of you – having fun 3ala 7sab other people’s lives. You could have killed someone.

  3. vampire: It was just a drive!

    Corolla Man: looooool!

    EniGma: I do agree with you that it was very irresponsible, but the only lives we were endangering was our own not anyone else, I assure you we knew what we were doing! We only did things on empty roads! When ever there was traffic we would behave!

  4. what was it all about??
    you should try doing this in Egypt!!!
    its more much fun

  5. We should drive to Egypt .. nothing is funner than traffic and dirt roads.

  6. and then ppl wonder why we have the highest rate of car accidents

  7. loool
    although i must say Allah ya7fithkom inshalla

  8. ur a frikin nut case! I screamed so much at you last nite when you told me! 9ij u could have killed urself zouk!

    But none the less, it was damn fun!

  9. Eddy

    what car or bike where u and k driving???

  10. Muh’d M. Mansour: It was a ploy to run away from getting caught! Egypt doesn’t have the roads for what we were doing!

    K: I agree!

    eshda3wa: That is true, but there are other reasons really!

    Laialy: you are correct! 7amdilla!

    ananyah: yeah yeah! But it was so much fun!

    Eddy: Really fast ones!

    K: we can skid as we break!

  11. hehe, sure sounds like a fun trip, I think the whole competition and red bull just pumps you up! very cool indeed :p

  12. N: You got it right there! We were on a rush!

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