OLED Watch


I have been waiting for OLED screens to be integrated into laptops but it seems this watch manufacturer has jumped the gun and installed it as part of this watch. It has a 1.5 inch color screen where you can see the time and date clearly, and you can also watch videos and listen to MP3s/WMAs. The first thing to know is that this watch is not water proof but one of the coolest watches I have yet to see!

It reminds me of the watches from Dick Tracy coming back and now becoming a reality.



  • Plays videos in full color on 128×128 pixel screen. Impressive crisp, bright display.
  • Clock displays time and date (day, month, year)
  • Plays MP3 and WMA music
  • View images
  • Voice recording and playback with built-in microphone
  • USB 2.0 for fast data transfer
  • Battery charges via USB
  • Band Length: 7.75″ (20cm)
  • Includes: earphones, mini CD with video conversion software, user guide, USB cable, Wall AC-to-USB charger
  • 7 hour mp3 playback, 4 hour video playback

Price: $99

Link: ThinkGeek

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. wow
    does look very cool
    too high tech for me though

  2. knafa

    good features but it’s ugly for me, i want to buy that kind of watches but i want more funkier watch.

  3. WTH! Do they have screens and mp3s on everything now?
    That’s so annoying soon enough they will invent a chip that can be installed in your head you will be able to watch videos through your eyes and mp3s through your ears. Waa3

  4. all i want in a watch:
    tell time
    tell date

    PS. i have a watch which has a secret mirror which i find very useful

  5. eshda3wa: It does look cool! I don’t know how its going to be like though!

    knafa: funkier.. hmmm.. how bout an antenna? lol!

    BLue Dress: loooooooooooool! hahahaha!

    Laialy: for girls mirrors are important!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: yup, and very functional!

  6. lol thats so cool! Now where do you put the SIM card!!

  7. Anthony

    Uh… Who’s the manufacturer?

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