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The Pizza Night


I had a nice day relaxing at my brothers house, and when I was heading home I got this hungry feeling. After thinking for a bit as I was driving I saw the Papa Jones delivery car next to me so I thought why not and I ordered the pizza just as I was arriving home. The person on the phone said it would take 30 minutes, but they took 45 minutes and I was counting each minute that was passing by, I got hungrier since I knew I was going to get a good pizza.


As I was making my second call to complain my BBQ Chicken Pizza arrived, so I took my pizza and headed to the basement to watch Justice League Unlimited and eat. As soon as I was done I felt good and continued watching the episode of Justice League.

Then I went back upstairs to watch some anime, a diverse bunch if I wouldn’t say:

  • 2 Episodes of Naruto
  • 1 Episode of Claymore
  • 1 Episode of Death Note