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Long Week Ahead


Saturday was one hell of a day at work, I didn’t expect it to knock me out like that from the beginning of the week. There was a lot of work, and even more work to do for the rest of the week. Its is going to be exhausting for sure, preparing solutions, designing the right setup, presenting, meeting with idiots, and a lot of other things.

I came home after work at around 6:30pm and had a late lunch. At around 7:20pm I fell asleep in the basement only to wake up at 9:33 pm to transfer upstairs to my bedroom. I felt really tired and I had to drag myself out of the basement up to my room, and I had a lot I wanted to do this Saturday night but exhaustion got to me before I could even get up. It seems I’m really going to have to organize myself for this week to have any time to do anything after work.