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Sign Costs in Kuwait


Just one of things that I have come along over the past couple of weeks, and it was something I was previously unaware of. When your making a sign for your business you are given a certain amount of area by the municipality (baladiya). What I didn’t know is that they measure it and you have to pay for it by the sq. meter and you pay for it yearly. You are charged 15 KD per square meter, and the amount you use is charged yearly.

Tricks to know:

  • If you have a 5 meter by 10 meter that would be 50 sq. meters you would be charged 750 KD yearly.
    • That is if you write across the whole sign, but you should know that.
  • If you just put grey panels across the sign post to clean it up, and write only 1/4 of the sign post then you would only be charged for the amount of writing, not the plain panels across the sign.
  • So if 50 sq. meters were cover with the grey panels and only writing on 13 sq. meters then you only pay for the 13 sq. meters. So you only pay 195 KD yearly instead of 750 KD.

Just some tips as I am stumbling through the loops in Kuwait.