The Last Flight to Kuwait – British Airways Flight 149


This British Airways flight landed in Kuwait on August 2nd 1990 at 4:13 am unknowing that Kuwait has been invaded by Iraq four hours earlier. This is a documentary trying to discover why BA Flight 149 landed in Kuwait after Iraq Invaded Kuwait, and the ordeal of the passengers and crew. There is also the case of the MI6 agents on the plane which would explain why the agents were on the plane. This is a great documentary about the events that took place in Kuwait, and what happened to the hostages. It is still very real for these people up to this day, many questions were answered but more have been asked. This is a movie worth watching, and gives insight into the mind set of the British Government during the beginning of the Gulf War.

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  3. Just goes to show that the British Government cares more about the threat to oil reserves than it’s own countrymen. That flight should not have been allowed into Kuwait, there was enough evidence before it took off – let alone while it was in the air – that should have ensured it was diverted to another country for re-fuelling.

    The French on board have already been compensated, but the British Government still refuses to compensate British hostages taken from this flight. A**holes.

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  5. This sounds really very interesting. I was going to ask where did you watch it, but the question has been asked by others and you already answered it. :-)

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