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Graphics Cards Kuwait

I was taking a look at the different hardware currently available in the market and I have to say there is a decent selection of hardware available but the first thing I do is compare prices. The two items I was looking at were the MSI Nvidia 8800 GTX and MSI Nvidia 8800 GTS.

MSI Nvidia 8800 GTX

Price Kuwait: 260 KD
Price Online: 143 KD


MSI Nvidia 8800 GTS

Price Kuwait: 150 KD
Price Online: $380 = 110 KD


Buying the 8800 GTS would be reasonable but the 8800 GTX is a complete rip off, I’m sure looking around you can find it a bit cheaper but by only 40 KD at most. so it would be 220 KD which is still a huge difference.

I would buy most hardware online if you are in no hurry to purchase the hardware, but if you are going to make a purchase then you are better off getting something just below the most powerful since that would be reasonably priced.