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Review: Justice League


I have always been a huge fan of comics, and DC comics had a great set of super heroes. When Cartoon Network started developing and airing Justice League I became a huge fan after watching the first couple of episodes. I tried following the series but I didn’t have all the timings down, and Cartoon Network wasn’t consistent. I’m happy that I managed to find the DVD set of Justice League, and they did a good job including all the features of the series and explaining the breakdown of the Justice League, how they came about to making the show, and explaining why they did certain things in the animation. They tried to get a pace to the animation and not go wild with too many concepts. The artwork resembles Superman the animation and Batman Beyond, but with a lot more characters such as Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman, Hawk Girl, Jean (The Martian), and Batman. My favorite character is the Green Lantern, the funniest character is Flash, and the darkest character is Batman as usual. They had a big obstacle in front of them with this first animation since it is the first time to put so many DC comic characters in one show, and they did a great job with it. This show brings out the kid in you and every person that watches it gets warped into the show.

Link: JL – Season 1
Link: JL – Season 2