Paper Shredder


I usually don’t like disposing of paperwork by throwing it away, I like separating it into different bins if it is sensitive information! Recently we got a paper shredder at work after months of nagging procurement! There is something about a paper shredder that I find so entertaining! Whenever I have sensitive information I bunch up all the papers and stuff them up top! You can even put CDs and Diskettes to be shredded! When I’m standing and looking at it I feel like a kid, and the funny part I know a lot of people are just as entertained shredding their papers! At least we get to shred sensitive information, and the paper is recyclable in that form even though we really don’t have recycling in Kuwait, that was proven to be hoax a little while back.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. zahed

    Shawerma ABNEEE

  2. loooool
    a paper shredder is a must … that’s probably some kind of paranoia you picked up from the US because they shred everything there

  3. Can you find out how much this shredder costs, and where to buy it from? Also did you like this shredder that they provided?

  4. there is recycling it isn’t a hoax. At KOC they have special “green” bins for paper so that they would be taken for recycling. The thing is “where” is this place? I have no clue.. is it a cover? I don’t know..

  5. Judy Abbott

    We do have recycling in Kuwait, i do it all the time.. in Rotha super market you can find the Recycling bins

  6. I just love watching it suck in all those sheets ! makes me feel like a little boy again :D

  7. I love playing with them! At my old work, we had to shred sensitive information all the time so I had my own personal shredder and I’d shred post-it notes for fun hahahahhahaa

    But seriously, someone should start a recyling business, like going round all the major offices and collecting shredded paper and putting them into sealed bags and recycle them for a fee.

    They did that where I used to work and it was a success

  8. when I was kid, my dad used to take me to his work and let me play with paper shredder at his office. It was very entertaining to shred newspapers and magazines.
    I miss doing it a lot.

  9. Zahed: You will burn!

    Laialy: looool! Nope, I have always liked paper shredders! hehehe! And the Paranioa is from Big Brother Syndrome! hehehe

    Kismat: I think it was for 85 KD, its japanese from the office accessories shops!

    N.: I don’t mean you don’t have the bins. What I am saying is the plant is a hoax, nobody knows where it is and where are the results!

    Judy: You do it at work, at home, or coop, but nobody knows where they go or what happens! I think its complete BS!

    mathew: looooool! yup

    ananyah: looool! I shredded my own cards! hahaha! I’m not sure how it would work, and where the profit would be. If it isn’t big profit nobody does it!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: loooool!

  10. LOL! imaginary recycle plants.. wow hehe.

  11. N: Yes, I think they don’t exist in Kuwait!

  12. Have you guys heard of MRC (Metal & Recycling Co.). I believe they recycle paper in Kuwait and will even supply cardboard boxes for the collection of the same.

    Check out this link :

  13. @TBT – I heard about them! I will check them out!

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