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Small Businesses in Kuwait


Entrepreneurs in Kuwait have a difficult time getting themselves up and off the ground because of all the rules they make you jump through. There is no incentives for business in Kuwait to start something new, or for someone young to get some help in businesses in Kuwait.

Previously there was an incentive program but then the people in charge took advantage of them, instead of helping people who really want to get things up and going they would help their friends and process their stuff before.

The Baladiya (Municipality) is the worst, they chase after you to try to fine you at every point and when you ask them for the rules that you have to follow when setting up they really don’t help you at all. There is no grace period or warning to get something fixed, there are some gross violations such pollution but if they know the guy they would let it go. It is really frustrating seeing this, and when you are genuinely trying to do something good they hinder you and try not to help you, its frustrating.

I wish there were clear guidelines but you really are on your own in Kuwait and you have to trip to get back up, there really isn’t anyone who can help you out to get things up and going.