TorrentSpy & Torrentz Blocked Again


Don’t they ever get tired of this? It is the third or fourth time that they block the website! I really don’t get why they are blocking it, its really a waste of time. There is a lot good stuff that we get from Torrentspy and Torrentz, and its not because of copyright that they are blocking it. Its annoying that they keep doing this, and I wonder how long it will take until they unblock it.

This website has been restricted based on the instructions of the Ministry of Communication.
We apologize for the inconvenience

I ask all to flood Qnet with emails to unblock it: [email protected]

P.S. They have unblocked at NBK, but it is still blocked at CBK (Al Tijari). Can someone check it out for me and let me know, I’m just curious!

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  1. Weird! I know that UCC blocks some ads on torrent sites, but to block the whole site completely! That’s just selfish..

  2. they just block like maniacs, let them do what they want you, there are tons of torrent sites and most of them contain alot of stuff that you can never have enogh of them, try it’s a huge torrent site

  3. They hold a flower and go: Should we block, or should we unblock? block, unblock, block, unblock, block, unblock- AHA BLOCK!!!

  4. to be honest none of the site above are blocked in my isp, i’m using united networks, i guess qualitynet really suck ass :P

  5. They don’t want to admit that they can’t handle the traffic. People are paying and their services are slow.

  6. maha

    Use the search bar in your torrent don’t open the main site .. it will work with u

  7. i feel like this is causing u some hostile emotions :p

  8. noom

    أرسلت لهم هذه الرسالة :

    من خلال متابعتي للعديد من المواقع التي تم حجبها لا أستطيع قراءة ذلك إلا على أنه سباق في حجب النت بكامله
    أرى تعنت في الحجب
    أتمنى أنتعيدوا النظر في سياسة الحجب والقائمين على عملية الحجب , فلا يمكن أبداً أن يفرض البعض قناعاته على الآخرين
    سياسة الحجب يجب أن تكون واضحة وللمواقع التي تحمل مخالفات صريحة فقط

  9. N: Its realy annoying!

    outlaw: I use those for animes! Thats the problem!

    Sushi: yes, its annoying that they keep doing that!

    Mathew: Mininova is ok, but torrentspy had more anime thats why I liked it!

    Reema: I tried, but for some reason it wasn’t showing up in the proxy!

    outlaw: UCC caps your uploads and downloads when Qnet gives more, so overall the blocking is annoying but Qnet is still better

    3baid: That is what I think is happening!

    Laialy: yes, very hostile! They are getting in the way of my anime!

    Naser: Fasttelco and UCC are the worst of the bunch, Qnet and Kems are much faster! Those sites you mentioned are good, but I use those two sites for anime!

    Noom: That is a very reasonable and well said request! :)

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