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Vista On the Back Burner


I have currently used Microsoft Vista for a couple of months now with a good overall feel for all its features. I still don’t know all the functional differences between all the different versions of Vista available. Microsoft have done a good overall job with this machine but there are still a few holes to fill.

When XP came out a few years back now we weren’t as much online as we are now, and there weren’t as many computers as there is right now. We have become more demanding users and have high expectations because of what we have gotten out of our PCs.

For my main PC I still use Windows XP and I will keep using it for a little while longer. I have a lot of things connected to my XP Machine such as External HDs, HP All-in-One Printer (Through the Network but with full functionality), and Plug-N-Play for all my other hardware. I still do video editing on my XP Machine because I know how the software is going to act on that machine.

Vista has its positives:

  • It is smoother and easier interface
  • More cool features such as the gadgets
  • Auto fixing when there is a problem with the hardware
  • Better Windows Update
  • Multiple Monitor Functionality is great

This is all great when everything is working, but with Vista a lot of times not everything will work together and sometimes the software hasn’t been updated for use with Vista even though it says Vista Compatible.

One other aspect to keep in mind about XP and Vista, with a powerful setup Vista runs a bit heavier then XP since the interface is smoother & its aesthetically cleaner. It would take about 20% more power for Vista to run at the same level as XP when playing a game. For any gamer XP is still the better platform.

For those looking to move to Vista I would recommend waiting, but if you have another machine to try it on then I recommend getting it. Its a great OS to try but it shouldn’t be your main PC, give it a little while or at least until the first Service Pack release.