Cool Statues & Busts


I have been looking at some Transformer Statues and I came across this website with some really cool Statues and Busts fo a lot of different characters. I would love to have that cool office with all these things all over the place, a really nerd/geek zone. With some anime cells on the wall and the great network in the perfect home office, a place to be real creative. These statues and busts are so well made, and have so much detail its just amazing.


Link: ComicStatues

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  1. you should check out the Naruto statues..
    Ooooooooooooooooor… Berserk! =D
    i have about 6 Berserk statues, one is on the way next month, and another in December.
    the detail on those are awesome!

  2. Berserk: The detail is just amazing, that is what got me! Where can I get really good Naruto Statues?

    Muh’d M. Mansour: These aren’t small they are over 30 cm tall!

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