Turkish Jeans Ad


I thought I have seen racy advertising before but this is on a different level, they have kept their cloths on but I think they couldn’t do any more. The funny part this is an ad from Turkey and I wouldn’t expect it.















A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. ummm.. wtf!

    there’s one where he’s actually got his hands on her boobs! nasty looking ads..

    i don’t see the point.. maybe they only wanted attention? :|

  2. Kama Sutra ads, I remember this one hehe.

  3. Sex sells no? I’m sure after seeing all that, people would want those jeans! That’s too much though!

  4. wtf ?! Not cool, whatever happened to subtle yet effective advertising? They look like they’re too desperate to sell.

  5. my eyes and mind are scared once again Marzouq, you could have at least had a warning
    i’ll never feel innocent again :p

  6. maybe they’re advertising some new ScothGuard wipe-clean fabric protection.

    You know, like if anything gets spilled on the jeans :P~~~~

  7. too comfortable jeans….if this what it takes, I’m going to buy a pair or more.
    What brand??

  8. this PICs are saved in my porn folder long time ago,, ehheeheehee

  9. Carlsb3rg

    No wonder your blog is blocked :P

  10. hahahahhahah

    the 1st one looks sore but pretty interesting moves there!

  11. snookie: yup, I didn’t think it was the best ad!

    Я:lol, I think they are trying to appease the Europeans!

    N.: I don’t even know if that worked!

    pearls: yup…

    EniGma: This is just bad advertising, they didn’t know how to get it across!

    Laialy: loooool! sorry!

    moocherx: looooooooooool! stain free maybe?

    Muh’d M. Mansour: I have no clue!

    vampire: looooool! u consider this porn?

    Carlsb3rg: What are you talking about!!!

    ananyah: looool!

  12. Carlsb3rg

    you know blocked at some banks?

  13. jewaira

    This blog is getting racier and racier. Must be the summer heat that’s doing it to you Marzouq.
    Please, post a warning if you’re going to put up such photos next time.

  14. LetmeGo

    ooh! I like the 3rd one,chick s gotta nice ass!

  15. Carlsb3rg: this is nothing really!

    jewaira: looool! I will post a warning next time! I didn’t think they were that much! hehehe

    LetmeGo: lol!

  16. saifi

    I think its not a good add but sexy

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