Hawally Drive By


I was walking through Hawally on Thursday night checking on my PC, they were taking some time since they were transferring data from 2x250GB Raid 0 to my 750 GB Drive since you can’t rebuild the raid setup with all the data on a new motherboard. That aside, I went into my regular video place and took the book to my car to pick out some movies. I ask for DVD copies, and I ask for high quality Cinema copy meaning the screen might look a little weird or the sound my be a little distorted. Overall I’m very happy with what I found, the problem is sorting through all the crap they have and finding the good movies and hoping they are high quality copies.

DVD Copy:

  • Hoax
  • Evan Almighty
  • Pathfinder
  • Outlaw
  • American Pastime

Cinema Copy (90%-100%):

  • 28 Weeks Later
  • Ratatouille
  • Knocked Up
  • theEX
  • Mr. Brooks
  • 1408

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i thought there are no more copy dvd’s in hawalli!!! i’m going today to buy at least 10

  2. for how much do they sell them at Q8?? (copied dvds)

  3. 28weeks later bnga7ba.
    knocked up and 1408 aren’t bad, the rest are of your hawally collection is shit though.

  4. knafa

    zouq where i can find those dvd’s, i look everywhere in hawaly but i can”t find one?

  5. theyve stopped selling to random that walk into the shops. you gotta be someone they recognise nowadays.

    and theyre either KD1 or KD1.5 depending on the shop,….and how well they know you :P

  6. LetmeGo

    American Computers,they have dvd copies not blueish cam movies.They charge 1.5 Kd each but will reduce if you buy more.They are not in Wala complex anymore.They are in the lane which takes you to Brosted Kraish,I dunno the road number and stuff.

  7. I saw Evan Almighty last week, DVD Copy actually it was sooo clear I was in awe! I might write a review later. But cool list.

  8. can someone arrest this guy? he is buying illegal movies! marzouq…each time you buy one illegal movie, one kitten loses his life! :D LOL

  9. CyberRowdy, hon.. life is complicated, you play by the rules you live a boring life (not to mention technically unfulfilled), break ’em once in a while and live BIG *wink* lol

  10. i didnt know you were into cinema copies too .. specially since quality used to matter for you.

  11. geo

    mr. brooks is out on dvd on torrents why are they still selling the cinema version

  12. vampire: they have them but they have to know you!

    eliedh: around 1.5 to 1 KD!

    offmyhead: cool, The other ones are really good! I don’t know what your talking about! Hoax? American Dream, all really good!

    knafa: Wala’a Complex, basement, third store from the right!

    skunk: That is true, you have to be a person they know or a foriegner!

    Jacqui: coool! I will check it out!

    Cyber: Don’t worry they can’t find me!!!!

    Missy: loooool!

    Rayboy: Some of them aren’t bad and I have a lot of movies in 1080p but some movies I can’t wait for and some I wait for in high quality to watch and enjoy. It all depends on if I am looking forward to the movie!

    geo: Cool, then I will DL that!

  13. When it comes to “Copies”…I prefer to buy the ones that are copied from the original DVD. Even if the quality is high, I don’t like DVDs that were “filmed” inside a movie theater. Good movies, but for me, Evan, 1408, and and Pathfinder were meh. They worth the 1 or 2 KD you paid for them.

  14. Missy! hahaha! you think I am being serious with that comment? I am just pulling zouq’s leg…..this is a blog where I say what I want to say and some silly idiotic comments….and so far zouq has lived with it….hehehe! take it eeezy! even last night i watched a pirated copy of a new movie…LOL

  15. I stopped getting my movies from Hawalli, if I have to I get DVD guaranteed copies. I prefer to download them. I have a subscription with a great torrent site that monitors ratios. The selects they have are phenomenal!

  16. Angelo: Exactly, when you pay 1 or 2 KD then you don’t mind paying for so so movies!

    Cyber: I got it covered! I will send the cops your way! looool!

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