Review: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


There has been a hype build up for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and from the start it is a very different movie then all the other Harry Potter movies. There is a split between the Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts on the existence of Voldamort. This movie is different since now Harry has to overcome the hurdles of the Ministry and those standing in front of him in the Ministry as well as face the power of Voldamort. What is different is that a lot of the usual passive characters have taken an active role and are helping Harry through his ordeal. Harry in this movie is a more disturbed boy with a lot on his shoulders, with many secrets around what is happening. The difference is that the whole movie is completely just in Hogwarts so there are a lot of different places to see. The other Harry Potter movies had more of a story plot with a feeling of mystery surrounding Hogwarts and the students, this time it was a little different, even though it revolved around Harry and his friends I had higher expectations for this movie. I enjoyed it but it was different its not like the other Harry Potter movies which people might not like in this change, but still worth seeing.


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  1. i found this part a disappointment for me as i am a very big Harry Potter fan,, still the 2nd and 3rd the best,, 4th was great too,, the 1st one for kids but u have to watch it to understand the story and i found it interesting

    i’m not saying it’s bad but the other parts are much better than this one

  2. Will

    This part is good but not great. I’m disappointed about it also. The fifth book is one of my favorites, I was quite excited about the movie before it came out. I wish the director made the movie more like the book, it would’ve been amazing.

  3. Yes, you are right but the previous ones were much much better…

  4. vampire: Exactly it should have been like the other ones!

    Will: I haven’t read the books because I don’t want to be dissapointed about the movies. Like you said, it should be more like the books which are all hits!

    chikapappi: That is for sure! But they are also very different!

  5. i dont think the 4rth n 5th movies did the book justice

  6. A fair review you put there Marzouq, and I try to shun all the negative comments regarding this part of the Harry Potter series, because I think the Director David Yates did an admirable job fitting the 800+ of Order of the Phoenix (which is the biggest of the bunch) into a 2 hour something movie. At least it is better than the Da Vinci Code adaptation.

  7. I liked it. The story was different from before, and there was no mention of the sport they have in every sequel! It was dark too, very cool!

  8. I am not ashamed to say I haven’t read a single Harry Potter book in my life much less watched any of the films and frankly, I don’t see how my
    life is going to be impoverished in the absence of what’s his face – Harry Pothead.
    Do you some people like it more here because people in the West have been bitten by the Potter bug??

  9. eshda3wa: this was the fourth movie, do you mean the third and fourth movie? Books are always better then the movie, unless its Lord of the Rings! lol

    Angelo: I agree with you, it isn’t a bad movie just a little different!

    N: yup, that is it! If you like different then this is it!

    Jumping Translocation: I havent read any Harry Potter book but there are a lot of good books out there! On another note these are good movies and you get to really like the character, a good movie is a good movie! Nothing to do with who likes it and who doesn’t! Some people just don’t like the Potter series but they are rare!

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