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Chill Weekend


This has been an interesting weekend with things just happening as I go along. I was planning anything too much since I was really tired.

The unexpected thing was at work when a large trailer came into work and the trailer was 14 m long filled with pallets of items for work and they were stuck for over two hours since they couldn’t move some equipment out of the way to maneuver the truck. So we had to unload the truck in the open area and we had some help from the forklifts to bring the pallets to our storage but the hard part was moving the pallets inside the truck trailer. It took use 45 minutes but I was coordinating the people with another coworker and I was also inside the trailer moving the pallets around with the help of a small lifter, it was one of hell of a workout, once I was done my t-shirt and jeans were soaked completely and I needed a cold shower. It was good that we did all that to make sure the procurement and storage guys could finish all their work.

As soon as I got home I took a nice cold shower which felt fantastic then I headed to the movie theater at Al Fanar to go watch Harry Potter with some friends. It was an enjoyable day, then I went to Hawally to go by some DVDs as well as check on the progress of my PC. Then I went home to check get some rest then Professional Computers called me to tell me my PC was done at 9:50pm and I was there earlier so I asked them to deliver if they could which they did, and I was extactic that I was getting my PC. I was passing out by the time the PC got home, and I fell asleep.

I slept from 11:00pm until 1:00pm which is the rest that I needed. Then I went to lunch at Edo with some friends, and it was pretty good. Then we headed over to Al Fanar to watch The Simpsons Movie which was pretty good. Then we went to Souq Sharq to check out Sony and Sultan Center, and I picked up a few things I didn’t expect to find there. I didn’t know Sultan Center Electronics had Griffin Audio accessories which was good, I’m sure their prices are expensive. Then I headed home to have a bite to eat while watching Justice League Unlimited, and end the night on Death Note!