Digital Frames

eStarling 7″ $199


Westinghouse 14″ $299


I’m trying to look at different types of digital frames since most of my photographs are digital at this point. And I don’t like hanging too many frames but I like seeing a lot of pictures and digital frames have evolved a lot over the past couple of years and they come in decent sizes. My two options are the eStarling 7″ and the Westinghouse 14″ digital frames.

The eStarling has the ability to get frames wirelessly and from your flicker account, and Westinghouse has the ability to put multiple pictures on one screen with MosiacView. Right now I’m leaning towards the Westinghouse, but the eStarling does have some really interesting features.

Link: Westinghouse
Link: eStarling

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  1. Well it seems I live in a cave because this is the first time I heard of this kind of product. Based on your description, I kinda like eStarling. I dunno, maybe because I am sucker when it comes to wireless stuff. Come to think of it, do you a flicker account?

  2. we have one at home and it’s really so cool, but I still love the old good frames

  3. Katie

    You can fill it up with pictures of diffrent girlfriends and when they come to see you you can easily change the picture. A friend of mine told me this. He always gets alot of credit from his girlfriends when he has got their picure up.

    Advice to all women, if you come across a digital frame with your picture, take a look at the other pictures as well before you get too happy about it!

  4. Pictures that move make me think im hallucinating.. :p That isn’t good!

  5. Angelo: Your kidding me??!? There are lots of them around! lol, the wireless thing is good, but the other one is bigger a little more features!

    pearls: I agree with you but in my application the these digital frames are better!

    Laialy: who isn’t!

    eshda3wa: Its nice but I wish it was bigger!

    Katie: loooool! I didn’t even think people did that! hahaha, ok thats just funny!

    N: looooool!

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