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This is something I have been thinking about for a while now. I’m just talking about Kuwaiti women specifically at work. There are specific fields or profession that Kuwaiti women go into in Kuwait and some they are scarce, for example it is very rare to see a Kuwaiti woman as an IT manager or working in the IT field, you do see them but its a rare. From what I have seen more women work to keep themselves preoccupied rather then working to become good at a certain profession or rise up in their job. In Kuwait the social atmosphere or the social setup makes it a bit of task for a woman to be a full working woman since they have a lot of social commitments and duties which is more of a job in itself, basically a lot more social commitment then even what men do see.

You can see that the women who are powerful in the business world are not involved in the social world. The women that are good at what they do or excel extremely at their profession have to work 120% more then men and they are also very shrewd and sharp. So women who have to work really hard and dedicate themselves to work seem to cut themselves off socially. I would really want to see more Kuwaiti women in more diverse professions since they are better educated then most graduates in Kuwait, more females graduate then males, and they graduate at higher scores as well.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Excellent topic Marzouq :D
    What I would be curious about with regards to Kuwaiti women at work is whether or not they make as much money as men in private companies. I know that some private places obviously discriminate by offering more perks for their male workers than their female workers such as private education for the children of the male employees but not the female employees. And I have heard that in the US that there still exist discriminatory practices with regard to men and women at work where I think that women get 79 cents or so to the $1 a man gets. But I’m not sure how that’s calculated so it could be misleading.

    But to be honest, I don’t see that hard-working women cut themselves socially. I do see women that are very high ranking in social occasions that I attend and I think that’s the smart thing to do especially for those women working in governmental institutions because social popularity can play a role in helping them keep their jobs. Social obligations are often after working hours and now since people are staying out later it’s ok to show up at someone’s baby reception at 8:30 or even 9. Also, nowadays you don’t have to fulfill every social obligation. In the past if you didn’t you’d be seen as rude but nowadays people are more forgiving about that.

    Thanks for the support. It’s nice to see a guy be so proud of Kuwaiti female employees :D

  2. Purgatory

    I do not want kuwaiti females at work, come to think of it, I do not want females anywhere working, they are annoying. It was much better in the 50s and 60s.

  3. i agree with what you have to say .. but today there are a few Kuwaiti women who have really made a name for themselves

    I’m really striving for a good career inshallaa

  4. I say men should stay at home and be househusbands!

    and purg, FYI back in the days women were doing everything and I mean EVERYTHING

  5. Purgatory

    shopa, حسابي وياج بعدين


  6. Queena Lulu

    Very interesting topic! And i must say you have a point there.

    Woman who are powerful, smart and finding their way to the top at work are rare, very tough, mostly single have no social life. When they reach to such positions(Mainly in private sector), they get very tough to the point where they become controlling. Can a man, or to be more precise, can a Kuwaiti man stand taking orders from a woman? Who might’ve had a bad day at home or maybe PMSing?

    Also, such woman will find it very hard to distinguish between who she is dealing with at work or home (If she was married). Making it very difficult for her to let go of her bossy attitude for few hours till the sun rise again and a new day starts at work. Can a husband handle this? Will he be understanding/supporting her needs to succeed and grow at work?

    As for what you said: “They are better educated then most graduates in Kuwait, more females graduate then males, and they graduate at higher scores as well”, – I agree. However, you should know that this doesn’t mean that she is SMARTER! She is just committed to her responsibility as a student (by choice/force) and has less distraction than a man. (i.e. dewaniyat and stuff)

    Interesting topic indeed!

  7. Where I work I know of only two female managers, my manager and the manager next door. Many just give up on their careers way before their 40’s because like you said they have so many responsibilities at home from taking care of the kids down to cleaning and cooking. I don’t know how such ladies cope with both and if they do would they be able to balance between the two? Very unlikely … even semi-impossible.

    But when mothers are faced with choosing between their jobs or kids, many moms would go for the latter one. I would do the same now because family comes first to me.

  8. It will happen enshalla, all in good time. I’m sure it will happen actually, just give it a few more years even a decade if it has to. But soon enough, things will really start to change.

  9. 1001: In regards to government jobs social commitments are important but I’m talking about the private sector. Women who are into business aren’t that much into socialing, but a public position is completely different! Well you are right about people being more lenient in regards to the social attendance which is pretty good overall! I wish I saw more women at work in different fields it would be good! When they are good they are great!

    Purg: looooool!

    Laialy: There are, you just have to get into the business! Inshalla you will be very successful!

    shopa: looooool! and the fight begins!

    Purg: hahahaha

    Shopa: Where is this going down?

    Queena Lulu: I have seen some women in power and there are a lot of men who work under then. If you are treated with respect even when there is a problem these women don’t get to their position without being able to control their emotions! And your right the home life changes as well, she is a carear women! In regards to studying more they can commit to work like that, that is what I’m talking about. The committment is important when working and some just don’t have it! And some do!

    pearls: And I respect all women for that, because its a whole other job! Its a difficult choice, but what I’m talking about is even girls who are not married act as if they shouldn’t even lift a finger to do any work and that is what gets me worked up!

    N: I don’t know, until they change the general public mentality I don’t see it happening in the next decade or the one after that!

  10. When you’re a single woman in Kuwait, there isn’t much that you can do with your life (to live completely fulfilled lives that is) without the judgements of society. Having a strong job, under these circumstances, compensates for many things- it becomes a psychological shield and refuge. Naturally since women are more emotional than men then it’s quite normal that they find themselves merged with the ‘work personality’.

    Personally I believe life is too short to waste it being a slave to my work. I don’t work for the money but as long as it puts a bread on my table then I would much rather live a simple but fulfilling life than a stressful one just to ride up a hierarchy and prove a position that no one else deserves proven for (unless it’s for myself).

    I also do not believe in pursuing careers in the best schools and companies for the mere self-defenition (unless again it has been a PERSONAL desire). Victorian women and the women during the Sahaba times never attended Yales and Harvards nor worked in Microsfots; they possessed an internal passion for self development and education that far surpasses anything a stupid company or extra working hours can bestow on you. As long as you have a good job that you enjoy, pays you fairly, and provide you with sufficient time to fulfill your leisures then you’re blessed.

  11. jewaira

    Interesting topic.

  12. Missy: I’m not talking about working for a corporate enviroment, or being a slave to work, but even if women go into different fields that would be great. Its all about motivation, what they want to do but at the same time these motivations stem from expectations. I would just want someone to go into something and stick to it instead of thinking it should fill time and thats it.

    jewaira: just from observation! :)

  13. MeeM

    I agree with you.. now its been a long time for me searching for a new job in the IT field, but most of the jobs opportunities in this field was for Men!

    I’d never see a woman in the networking, or security department! maybe there is a programmers but not network administrator.

    I wanted to get the CCNA Certificate, and then I realized that it is a waste of time.. since there is No place for woman in IT!

  14. 2011 generation

    I’m a normal kuwaiti high school student that seriously wants to be a doctor. My ambition drived me to taking AP and inshalla IB biology courses just to gaurantee a position in a competitive field such as medicine. I chose to live my life working. However, to tell you the truth only about 4 girls in my generation that really have the notion, abiility, and mind of a career woman. Thus, in my opinion, it will remain scarce to see woman striving to high ranks in their jobs. You will probably remain seeing woman (that are still working) staying in jobs only to be preoccupied. Nevertheless, you might find a few proffessional career woman.

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