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Women at Work


This is something I have been thinking about for a while now. I’m just talking about Kuwaiti women specifically at work. There are specific fields or profession that Kuwaiti women go into in Kuwait and some they are scarce, for example it is very rare to see a Kuwaiti woman as an IT manager or working in the IT field, you do see them but its a rare. From what I have seen more women work to keep themselves preoccupied rather then working to become good at a certain profession or rise up in their job. In Kuwait the social atmosphere or the social setup makes it a bit of task for a woman to be a full working woman since they have a lot of social commitments and duties which is more of a job in itself, basically a lot more social commitment then even what men do see.

You can see that the women who are powerful in the business world are not involved in the social world. The women that are good at what they do or excel extremely at their profession have to work 120% more then men and they are also very shrewd and sharp. So women who have to work really hard and dedicate themselves to work seem to cut themselves off socially. I would really want to see more Kuwaiti women in more diverse professions since they are better educated then most graduates in Kuwait, more females graduate then males, and they graduate at higher scores as well.