Linksys Axed!


It seems Cisco has decided to remove the Linksys branding from all its consumer products. Previously Linksys was more known as a brand then Linksys and they have now decided to rebrand all their Linksys products as Cisco over a certain period of time.

I think that is a mistake on Cisco’s part, Linksys has a brand loyalty has been known to make some very good routers/access points. One of my best Access Points/Routers is the wap54G. You could modify it to suit your needs, but I’m really surprised at this point that they are just tossing it out and forcing the name Cisco on all consumers.

Link: Engadget

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  1. I think its a stupid move .. the Cisco name is associated with high end products, it won’t carry the same weight when they are selling 5kd Cisco switches.

  2. Linksys in Southeast Asia has a really poor reputation for production quality. Belkin is the reliable brand over there. So perhaps seeing “Cisco” branded products on the market might do them some good.

  3. That is weird! Well as a consumer who uses a linksys router, It doesn’t matter much to me as long as their quality stays up.

  4. K: exactly they should seperate the brands and linksys is doing well!

    moocherx: Then they should probably improve the quality!

    Я: The product yes, the people no!

  5. ridiculous!

    q: which router do you have at home u cheapo?
    a: cisco
    q:cisco? costly huh?
    a: no, 19.955 pils
    q: chaddddaaaaaaabbbb, yetla barrah…hamaar.

  6. knafa

    loool @CyberRowdy :)

  7. Try 3Com, it works and its cheaper and higher quality, at least 3Com makes its own equipment, not subcontract it to other hardware OEMs and then brand it.

  8. CyberRowdy: looooooooool!

    knafa: yup!

    fadibou: 3Com technology is outdated they are falling back in this respects. They have fallen from 2000/2001 when Cisco took off so I don’t recommend their stuff! 3Com buys a lot of its hardware from Huawei in China!!!! Just so you know they subcontract the most and so does Motorolla!

  9. fadibou

    Small correction Marzouq
    3Com and Hwawei had a joint venture to manufacture equipment for both companies and 3Com recently bought the joint venture so it manufactures only for 3Com now.

    3Com has 4 main manufacturers as well as Cisco and most of the Networking industry. They all design the product and write the software for it and then manufacture in places like, Mexico, Canada, Netherlends, Ireland, Taiwan and China.

    Technology wise they are on par but with less features in the product.

    Linksys uses a lot of proprietry protocols which can only work when you have Linksys Access points, and Linksys wirless cards and in Linksys only env.

    Cisco bought Linksys and added nothing to a cash cow which was already making money on its own and had nothing to do with Cisco technology or protocols.

    Cisco is yet to modify the products as they are still running as an independant sales and development and marketing organization.

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