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Review: The Simpsons Movie


The Simpsons Movie has been a long awaited movie for many people since its a show which has spanned almost two decades and across many borders. I have to say that it was different then what I was expecting. You can’t help get this mix feeling when watching this movie since you have probably watched this show for a certain period of time in your life. Homer is the usually klutz in Springfield who does what he does best, and you get to see the story develop as Homer messes something else up as usual. When watching you get a feeling of a familiarity so they don’t need to introduce the characters to you but just get a long with the story. The one thing off the bat is that this is the classic funny Simpsons that we all remember not the boring lame material of the new Simpsons show. The movie overall feels like one long episode but very enteratining and each part of the family playing an important role. You get to see every character the Simpsons have ever had in different scenes. Its a well done movie but it feels more like it should have gone to DVD instead of going to the theater but still enjoyable.

Link: IMDB