Review: The Simpsons Movie


The Simpsons Movie has been a long awaited movie for many people since its a show which has spanned almost two decades and across many borders. I have to say that it was different then what I was expecting. You can’t help get this mix feeling when watching this movie since you have probably watched this show for a certain period of time in your life. Homer is the usually klutz in Springfield who does what he does best, and you get to see the story develop as Homer messes something else up as usual. When watching you get a feeling of a familiarity so they don’t need to introduce the characters to you but just get a long with the story. The one thing off the bat is that this is the classic funny Simpsons that we all remember not the boring lame material of the new Simpsons show. The movie overall feels like one long episode but very enteratining and each part of the family playing an important role. You get to see every character the Simpsons have ever had in different scenes. Its a well done movie but it feels more like it should have gone to DVD instead of going to the theater but still enjoyable.

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  1. i haven’t watched the movie yet but i think it’s no more than a long episode as u said…

  2. we just booked tickets, i am going to watch it today ^_^

  3. I loved it. It was massive, long, funny, and exciting! Worth having on DVD.

  4. vampire: If you want a laugh and have nothing to do then watch it, other then that wait for the DVD!

    Laialy: Enjoy!

    N: yup its funny but just felt like a long episode!

  5. When I knew that it was going to get released in Oman on the 25th I was so excited and was really looking forward to watching it in the movies. but unfortunately, I still didn’t get to watch it in the cinema because of their inconvenient timings to this movie! I do not understand why are they doing this. No shows at night for this movie. Only three shows a day, first one starts at 1:15 and last one starts at 5:30. They think only kids are interested in this movie and kids do not go to the cinema at night hence they didn’t make a show for this movie at night. That’s really pissing me off.

    I think I will just wait for the DVD release… or what do you say? is it a must seen movie in the cinema, or one can just wait for the DVD to watch it?

  6. should I wait for it to come out on DVD or go watch it at the movie theatre here in kuwait ??
    what would u recommend?

  7. I was waiting for that movie, its the perfect description for my family…

  8. Planning to go sometime this week :-)
    I am addicted to the show.. and I did my Simpson Avatar too through their official website heehee

  9. jewaira

    It was not worth going to see at the cinema. It is definitely DVD material.

    It was alright as a film but I would definitely not characterize it as a kid’s film. It is an older kids’ film.

    Did they censor naked Bart in Kuwait? And any of the kissing?

  10. BeLLo

    Looks awesome after all the feed backs i’ve seen i really want to watch it .. ( too many movie too little time ).

  11. Amjard: Thats kind of strange, i don’t know why the movie times are so early!! Its not a must to see in the cinema but if you can go but if you can’t then wait for the DVD!

    3abeer: If your a huge fan then go see it, if your not then wait for DVD.

    Muh’d M. Mansour: loool!

    Ansam: looool! Then go for it!

    Missy: looool!

    Jewaira: like I said! They didn’t censor naked bart and only Marge and homers kissing. They didn’t censor the gay cops! loool!

    BeLLo: I know what you mean! So little time!

  12. Marzouq, its shows are very early because the cinema people think only children would watch this movie, so it has to be played in daytime, lol. In fact, I think that it doesn’t suit kids under 12 years old.

    Yesterday I went to watch it, the theatre was packed with kids between 5 – 10 years old. The movie was pretty short. It was nice and funny but not worth being watched in the cinema. I wrote a review about it on my blog.

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