I have always liked the name Ironhide but when he was a Nissan Van I really didn’t think that he was the strongest Transformer. Now in the movie they turned him into the GMC TopKick which is one hell of a truck. I really liked what they did with vehicle to give it a beefier look with the lift but keep things as stock as possible, the stack pipes are a nice touch and the whole black exterior adds to the intimidation of this vehicle.



I liked Ironhide so much I’m thinking about purchasing the model through Amazon and placing it on my shelf. Without a doubt Optimus Prime is my favorite character then Ironhide and Bumblebee after that.


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  1. Bumblebee is da BOMB
    “beefier” haha there is a funny story to this word, better keep it to myself :p

  2. As much as I enjoyed the film, I was dissapointed that many key characters were left out of the movie such as my favourites Ultra Magnus and Soundwave. I hope a sequel comes out soon with a much stronger plot and better acting cast.

  3. Biohazard

    How much do they cost?

  4. That’s really cool! It would be awesome if the actual model transformations were smooth, and of good quality!

  5. Laialy: looool!

    Banastre Tarleton: They had to leave them out to build up the story in the first movie, the sequel is going to be great!

    Biohazard: I think $40!

    N: I hope it is, I wish I had a metal version!

  6. I loved Transformers since I was a kid hahaha I used to steal them off my brother and play with them and the movie brought back memories hahahaha.

    I loved Ironhide too but Bumble is my fave ;)

  7. ananyah: looool! Thats good! Everybody seems to like Bumblebee!

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