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This program is from the creators of Stardock which allowed widgets and gadgets to be placed on the desktop. Changing the bland theme of Windows into a Dynamic Interactive theme called Stardock and you have many custom made themes to choose from. I tried Stardock a few years back and it was fun for a little while but it was heavy on the system so I took it off.


Objectdock is also a creative addition from Stardock but they have learned to make it a light application. Objectdock mimics the action of Apple’s OS X scrolling program bar. You can launch programs from there and minimize your programs to the bottom as well as control which programs would be on the list. Its a really nice addition and I know many will say you might as well get an Apple, but this is a very nice addition to Windows Vista. You can download thousads of icons for the dock to change the look as well as have custom icons for certain programs. There are two versions one is for free and the other is for $20, I haven’t tried the pay version but I’m finding the free version to be entertaining and satisfy my needs. Overall I think its a great addition and it takes up very little pc resources to use.


The Plus (pay) version has some extra functionality as multiple docks, as well as complete customization of the dock. You can also tab the programs on the dock itself which is very useful, and you can customize the behavior of a dock to specific dock so two docks could behave differently.

Link: ObjectDock