Review: Griffin iTrip


I needed an FM transmitter for my Treckstor Vibez Mp3 player, and I had a few choices to choose from but I decided to go with the Griffin iTrip Auto Universal. I wanted something I could use in multiple vehicle and had a strong signal as well as being compact. The Griffin iTrip fit all those criteria, its very simple to use, you have one controller to tune to the channel you want and then click of a button to activate it. It switches on when your Mp3 player is switched on and it switches off when your mp3 player switches off.

Signal Strength:

Just to give you an idea, if a high quality CD would be a 10 in sound quality then this signal would be from a 7.0 to 7.5. It is pretty good but I would prefer if it had a stronger transmitter sometimes there is a bit of white noise on some songs but it is very subtle so it isn’t very annoying.


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  1. thats the one i use too. I’ve tried everything from a hello kitty transmitter to those wireless flimsy things to ones you mount on your dashboard, nothing worked half as good as this

  2. i use the same thing only mine is for the iPod buy it’s a Griffin. mine plays on 106.9 :p what are you tuned into?
    also i know what you mean about the noise, it seems to happen to those songs i download in high quality that have a lot of base

  3. what channel is your signal set at?

  4. What’s the price and from where did you get it?

    Will it search automatically for the free channel ?

    How does it preform inside parking lots and near commnucation towers?

  5. Wouldn’t it really depend on the quality of the mp3 itself? cause 96 bitrate at 22,000 MHz is diff from 320bitrate at 44,000MHz ya?

  6. knafa

    any place sell this in kuwait?

  7. Nawara

    i’ve always wondered… why dont they connect wires to CD’s like they did with cassettes…. they’d look prettier dont u think?

  8. extinct dodo: yup, this does the job for now!

    Laialy: I put on 89.2 I think and nobody is there! looool! the base is another thing! loool!

    shopa: 89.2 I think!

    mishref: I got it from Sultan Center Souq Sharq for 13 KD, and its worth the money! It doesn’t automatically search for a channel, you have to find out! In parking and next to com towers have no affect on it, I haven’t seen any yet!

    N: No it doesn’t seem to be consistent on the quality! It just depends on the timing!

    knafa: Sultan Center Souq Sharq!

    Nawara: CDs need to rotate! They are better off putting a Jack-In!

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