There are going to be some power outages over the next couple of weeks, and when this happens it could damage the PC or the Network Area Storage. So I have gotten a few APC UPSs to safeguard my equipment. They have a good selection of Home & Small Office products which can give you enough time to shutdown your equipment, and you can remain operational for a bit if you need to.

What I got:

  • APC Back-UPS ES 550VA 230V
    • Price: 30 kD
    • Quantity 4
  • APC BACK-UPS RS 1500VA 230V
    • Price: 100 KD
    • Quantity 1

dsc01972.jpgI wanted the APC Back-UPS ES700VA since it could last quite a bit longer and had 8 sockets instead of 5, but I had to go with what was in stock. I have already installed the first UPS but it will take about 8 hours to charge up before use and then I connect a lot my equipment to it.

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  1. السلام عليكم

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    مع السلامه

  2. Awesome, did you see my comment on 3baid’s post about the UPS, this couldnt have come a better time. I’m very seriously thinking about getting one, Professional I assume?

  3. Mr. ChoCoLaTe: in the case of a UPS you need it for PCs so that the power won’t stop! A generator is good for the rest of the house but it won’t protect your investment! I recommend getting some UPSs to help protect your investment! And good job planning ahead with the Generator!

  4. N: No not from professional I got it from the APC dealer in Kuwait through my job! The prices are higher then Dubai, if you can wait its cheaper then Dubai.

  5. What’s the reason of the power outages??

    My first UPS was an APC, it lasted a looott, uno here we have minimum 2 power cuts per day that last for 1 minutes (while waiting for the generator to start). so good choice!

  6. We had to use UPS’s back in bangalore during the power cuts, but here in Kuwait ?? its a big shame !
    Walla ! my friends from other GCC states are amazed that we have a power shortage. :(

    APC is a good brand, but I wasnt happy with the serial interface they had for the PC.

  7. LetmeGo

    I ve been looking for one of these…! Wheres the APC outlet ?

  8. Excellent choice of brand…that’s the only brand I buy.
    I always hear people with failed UPSes, people who need to change the battery every 6 months.
    I bought my first APC in 1997, still running perfectly, didn’t change any battery or anything, yeah the time it can last shortened a bit, maybe 30%…but come on its in Lebanon, with all the power shortages its amazing :).

  9. eliedh: They might be switching it off and I didn’t want my PCs just to go off!

    mathew: Seriously, its a big shame! Its the parliment and they are screwing up for sure! Now its a RJ45 to USB interface!

    LetmeGo: I will find out for you!

    Kodder: Its pretty good for home and office use, but for heavy duty server use there are other ones which are pretty good! Well at least it still works!

  10. saqib

    Need UPS Prices(Leaders)
    I need the price of Part No# SU5000I APC Smart UPS 5 KVATOWER

    & backup battery for the same UPS each battery should be 24VA or send me prices

    What you have in backup battery for the same APC UPS

    I shall be very thank full for your quick response

  11. cbeatz

    I’ve been searching for the official APC dealer in Kuwait. Found the tel# for the UAE dealer on their official site, called them and they gave me the number for Hadeed Trading here in Kuwait. They’re selling the BACK-UPS RS 1500VA for 130 KD. I found another dealer through Google, Fitco, and they’re selling it for 124 KD.

    That’s a big difference from 100 KD. I told them both I know someone who bought it last year for 100 KD. They said that’s impossible. I said oh yea, we’ll see about that!
    So, how did you get it for that price?

  12. cbeatz: got it from a dealer in Dubai! That is how much they had it for!

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