Review: Slider Station


I went to Slider Station for the first time with the Family a couple of nights ago. I have been hearing a lot about it and how good these sliders (min-burgers) taste great and they have a large selection. I tried previously just walking in but they said they were booked up for the week so I didn’t bother going there again until the hype goes down, but I was invited so I didn’t have to make too much of an effort.


Overall I really like the setting and style of the whole place, they did a very good job with the bar seating and revolving belt which has burgers and orders. I like the industrial style to the whole place, but it does feel a bit cramped since bar seating takes up a lot of space. Overall there are only five tables available and the bar seating can seat about 14 to 16 people.


The one thing I really liked was the choice of music, its a combination of dance and lounge which I really enjoyed. Overall the setting is nice, the seating on the upper floor is quite comfortable as well.


When they started bringing the food I was looking forward to trying the different sliders they had as well as whatever else was on the menu. They brought the fries out and the different appetizers which were pretty good but the duck quesadillia wasn’t good at all. When ordering the sliders you order these little guys individually so you can mix it up a bit. When we got our sliders I devoured each one with two bites, and most of them were very tasty except for one. There desert was very good, and people just kept going at it, and its worth saving some space for it.


I think they put a lot of effort into Slider Station and it shows, I just hope they keep up the level of quality they have.




A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Corolla Man (AE86)

    المطعم كان عادي, بس ما أحب مطعم كل ما أروحلة لازم أحجز

  2. I enjoyed Slider Station when I went there. They have great food and while I agree with you about the cramped space it really doesn’t seem so cramped when the place is near-empty. I guess you just have to hope it’s a good night! I love the decor too!

  3. I didn’t like it as much as I like the Boutique… too small, lighting too annoying and the food ain’t the same…. Am more of a classy girl when it comes to my brugers. I still stand by my thought which is: Best burgers in town is Rockets!!

  4. Purgatory72

    I still say Wimpy is the best place in Kuwait.

  5. Nice review, didn’t go there yet, waiting till “hype goes down” as you said :D

    am not into crowded places nor ones that are pre-booked & I don’t always plan things ahead, *especially dining out!*

    still, ur review made me more eager to go there :D

  6. :: !!! Burger and candles ???? how come !!! its a dark place and you cant even see if there is a worm or anything else !!! ;p

  7. Daly’s pudding is the best thing they serve there…. yes, the one with ice cream….

  8. 1. 3laikom bil 3afyaa
    2. where is this located?
    3. “duck quesadillia” i don’t think mexicans even know of such nasty things :p

  9. That ice cream, I really could use some right now.. boy is it hot. 3alekom bel 3afiya. I haven’t been there yet and I haven’t been to Burger hub yet, which I also heard has great burgers.

  10. Corolla Man: Reservations get annoying after a while!

    Zahra: yup the decor is nice and the seating is limited but I still like it!

    3baid: very very good! Chocolate pudding with Vanilla!

    chikapappi: I think the best burgers in town is The Burger Hub!

    Purg: No! Wendys!!!

    Q80-ChillGirl: I’m happy it gave you an idea about the place!

    Frankom: Its pretty dark inside there with stylish lighting! looool!

    Chikapappi: Yup damn good!!

    Laialy: alah e3afeech! Opposite gaser al seef! looool!

    N: alah e3afeek! Burger Hub is damn good!

  11. Carlsb3rg

    I always thought of trying it out , but reservation is a big turn off.

  12. Zabo0o6a

    this isn’t the best post to read when i’m hungry as hell .

  13. Carlsb3rg: That is for sure!

    Zabo0o6a: loooooool! I’m hungry and i’m just jumping to the comments!

  14. Purgatory

    hmm, Wendy’s yum! Arby’s! why they take away all the good places!

  15. yumm 3alail bel3afia.. I am also waiting for the hype to go down.. never been there

  16. il ice-cream shakla SAROOKHEE =[ bas il burgers isma7leey Johney Rockets =]

  17. Purg: looool! I don’t know! People just don’t know! Remember Dairy Queen!

    MAZE: Its pretty good!

    Ansam: alah e3afeech! yup I like when it goes down!

    Very.Q8ya: You should try the burgers, JR is good but not the best!

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  19. lathifa

    slider station is the best when it comes to service!

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