Review: Ratatouille


I have really been looking forward to seeing this Pixar movie, and usually I have high expectations for them. This movie is an extremely funny movie about a rat who goes to Paris to become a chef. He doesn’t realize the difficulty of the whole concept but he is determined to reach his goal, the funny part is how he reaches this goal. Remy has the talent to be a great chef, but he is a rat. Linguini is the boy who works at the restaurant and has no cooking skills and he is too afraid to try. Together they partner to make some amazing creations but there is something brewing with the head chef. The whole movie was enjoyable from start to finish and you can’t help but love all the characters, even the different rats. If you like Pixar movies then you will love this movie, I can’t see how anyone can’t enjoy this.



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    I saw it on the day it was released (& the iPhone too, can’t forget the crowds & fuss about it) amazing movie!

    it is very fun & enjoyable, and I was so excited about the fact that they made a rat be so cute! I remember that I stayed in the theater watching the ending to see the titles & listen to the movie songs… I rate it the same as you did 4.5, great movie! worth seeing & owning

  2. I haven’t seen it yet but I’m lookin forward to doin so! :)

  3. I’m really looking forward to this movie! I loved the previews of it at the cinema :)

  4. I loved the movie, seriously it was so cute especially when he made an omlette for himself and linguine hehehe

    I think Pixar is the best @ making animations!

  5. Thanks for the reveiw, We still waiting for it in the uae :)

  6. he looks like a nice rat.. but can he cook ?? ;)

  7. I haven’t seen yet.. Is it out in Kuwait ???

    It looks entertaining which we want for a weather like our weather

  8. Q80-ChillGirl: exactly, they did an amazing job with this movie and really enjoyable!!

    N.: Its worth seeing for sure!!

    Zahra: You will enjoy it for sure!

    ananyah: yup that was funny! Pixas does a really goodjob!!

    Tartoob: No problem!!

    mathew: yup he can!!

    Laialy: watch it!! WATCCHHHITTT!!!

    Chroma-Trauma: I got a pirated DVD! it is very entertaining!

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