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Sleeping Through


I have this issue of trying to do too much in one way, I try to do everything and ignore what I’m feeling. Recently alarms of any kind have had no affect on me, I just sleep through them without even remembering.

Number of Alarms:

  • 4 Alarms on the PC (Each one 3-4 mins long and different kinds of songs)
  • 1 Alarm, old school clock
  • 4 Alarms from my phone

None of those made me even blink, and the PC speakers are set to very high.

Today when I came back from work around 6:45 pm I went directly to my room and right into bed to get some sleep. I felt that I had to get a few minutes of sleep since I had to go out for dinner. I saw the clock at 7:05 pm and then I woke up at 8:25pm, and I knew I could sleep more but I felt just right, it was what I needed. I can’t wait to get the two day weekends, its going to make a real difference.