Sleeping Through


I have this issue of trying to do too much in one way, I try to do everything and ignore what I’m feeling. Recently alarms of any kind have had no affect on me, I just sleep through them without even remembering.

Number of Alarms:

  • 4 Alarms on the PC (Each one 3-4 mins long and different kinds of songs)
  • 1 Alarm, old school clock
  • 4 Alarms from my phone

None of those made me even blink, and the PC speakers are set to very high.

Today when I came back from work around 6:45 pm I went directly to my room and right into bed to get some sleep. I felt that I had to get a few minutes of sleep since I had to go out for dinner. I saw the clock at 7:05 pm and then I woke up at 8:25pm, and I knew I could sleep more but I felt just right, it was what I needed. I can’t wait to get the two day weekends, its going to make a real difference.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. alarms tend to fail with me too

    i have to have a person shake me awake

  2. 5 alarms on my mobile. they don’t always work..

  3. Getting that right amount of sleep can be super! But you know how sometimes you wake up, and its just the wrong time! Your body aches.. you feel like crap, and you know things just aren’t good.

  4. LetmeGo

    lol! you are not alone on this,many of my friends have the same problem.
    But there are people who dont need an alarm,they wake up at the right time just like that,its just funny yet surprising seeing them do that,my granny does that,she sleeps like a cat though.

  5. I don’t know what to say…its just my life has trued up-side-down since day one of work One day weekend, from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, I have no time to go out of this small town with my friends, too much work at home, no place for fun, being a website manager.

  6. You should thank god for that, some people wake up just if u breathe in the same room that they are sleeping in, some cant sleep until they lay down for 2 or 3 hours.

  7. i slept through my alarm clock today which rang 4 times … i finally woke up to a phone call
    i feel like my pillow is calling me

  8. eshda3wa: looool! Nobody touchs me, they know the end result is very bad! lol!

    EniGma: yeah, but the PC alarm is damn loud with no affect!

    N: I know what you mean but I haven’t been able to sleep enough for the longest time!

    LetmeGo: loool! Thats funny, I used to be like that when i get enough sleep but that isn’t the case anymore!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: work does have an adverse affect for sure!!!

    Tartoob: It can be both ways! looool! I can sleep under a concert speaker with no issues! loool!

    Laialy: I know what you mean! a

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