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T3 Ducati Duffel


This is the Tumi T-3 Ducati Carry-On Duffel Bag, that name was a mouthful. I recieved this bag as gift a couple of weeks ago, I don’t know what gave them the impression that I like Ducati! Even though I do like Ducati very much!

Ducati aside, Tumi makes very high quality and durable bags for different kinds of use. I opened up the bag to take a look at it and its the perfect bag for a day trip or just to have a carry-on without checking in luggage. Its has enough space for a two day trip, and there are different compartments in the bag as well as the large space in the middle.

I like how Tumi makes very useful products and they always incorporate functional features not just looks. Overall I think this is a great bag, and one hell of a gift!




Link: Tumi