Vehicle Modification


I am very much into vehicle modification since I got my hands on my first remote control car! And these I am still obsessed with trucks and getting them modified. I have been modifying my motorcycles to my taste and really enjoying them. Modification of something is basically personalizing what you own and your attitude will reflect in it.


The problem is in Kuwait, I tend to modify my motorcycles since its mostly cosmetics and any performance modification doesn’t affect my motorcycles registration at any time. But vehicle modification is not allowed in Kuwait because they say its dangerous, if they don’t know how to apply common sense rules in Kuwait they tend to ban it right away. Some go into sports modification and some into off-road modification. I like them all, whenever something is done with taste I will complement the work. I always love a nicely modified truck and I’m still looking into a truck sometime in the future. The work would have to be done the US since the skills I would need isn’t available in Kuwait, and I wouldn’t want someone learning on my project. There should be a magazine which judges work in Kuwait so that people know when their vehicle looks really ugly and when it looks good. Few vehicles look good and many look bad because they just don’t bother to know whats nice. I don’t know when they would allow modifications but it doesn’t stop a lot of people.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Modification is good only if its done well….most of the times the mod vehicle looks *ugly.

  2. Too bad like you said, if they don’t understand it they just ban it. It would be cool if there was modding in Kuwait, that would be something im sure a lot of guys would be into.

  3. I agree .. finding a capable garage is impossible, I just do most of the stuff at home. There are tons of modded cars in Kuwait .. you just have to keep a low profile so that the car doesn’t get confiscated.

  4. Do you watch the show “Pimp my Ride”?

  5. Yeah, and modded cars in Kuwait usually have a lot of chrome on them!

  6. Cyber: Exactly, most screw up! There should be a judge!

    N: It would be a great thing!

    K: Yeah, that is the case!

    Ansam: yeah, after a while they just got a bit rediculous!

    Rasberry Rhinoceros: Now those are some beautiful designs! He is amazing, he is above our league for sure!

    MpJs: Depends where you see them!

  7. Modification is one of the most amazing things in the engine and vehicle world! I do remember that it was illegal there but I still knew a guy who did it! He kept modifying his and his friends’ vehicles! I never saw him doing a bike though! And he did it all illegally! I don’t know if he’s still doing it! It was fun seeing him work! :P
    In Cyprus you have limits for modifying! You have to keep the noise and some certain things in the limit permitted! You could still get your car louder than it was but they stop you if it gets over the limit and they fine you! You can get your engine fixed to be faster as well (of course there are limits for that too)!
    Again I love the colour and the paint arts you could get you bike done here! I did have a very talented paint artist body paint me beautifully few weeks ago! I think I’ll let him do my helmet and then some day the bike I’ll buy! It’s amazing how an engine, a car or a bike could change beautifully in the right hands!

  8. Same problem here in Egypt, you cant even modify the outer look to fit your own style.

  9. Cassandra: That is what people still do, they modify and deal with the problems when it comes later. But for the time being they leave it as is! Limits to modifying is fine, but not completely banning it which is annoying, they should ban the ugly modifications not the nice ones! Body paint you? So he did a good job with that, now thats great when you can find somebody who is talented! There some great paintbrush artists out ther, in Kuwait they don’t pay for the talent yet so they aren’t around!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: hhmm.. I’m curious of the law there!

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