File Migration


After upgrading and formating my main PC I still had a large amount of files on my media drive so I decided to go through and clean up my Torrent Folder. I keep a lot of files in there to improve my upload/download ratio but since reinstalling most of the torrents weren’t valid anymore. So I had about 286 GBs to sort through and most of them were TV-shows and movies, as I was cleaning them up I was going through a couple of 24 and Heroes Episodes and I can’t wait to see them in the next couple of months. The wait period until next season is excruciating, but that aside its nice cleaning up the folder and moving most files to my NAS that way I guarantee to have the shows in full. Its taking sometime but getting things organized one by one is very satisfying and makes it easier to find what I’m looking for.

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  1. In Total ! How much data storage space do you have ?

  2. Wow good luck sorting through that much about of data! And if you want to share stuff, hey I’m up for it :p I have over 800gb free on my NAS i could use some stuff to fill it up lol!!

  3. G-Funk: Total Available or Total Used?

    Muh’d M. Mansour: Just takes a little time!

    N.: looool! Let me organize and I will come to the sharing! hehehe

    Laialy: looool! You like it neat! hehehe

  4. lol, just in time for xMas.. i mean 3eid =p

  5. N: loooool!

    G-Funk: I think around 4.26 TBs between all the machines and storages. I would think its only 55% full!

  6. I’ve asked for the storage on your main machine . but 4.25 TB’s sounds great. Are they all internal drives ? What brand of NAS do you use ?

  7. G-Funk: Sorry, I misunderstood! In regards to the main PC its 1 TB, and all together they are 4.25 TBs. I use an Infrant NV+ which is 1.6 TBs. I have 3 external storages which add up to 1.26 TBs.

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