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Just Driving!


There has been a lot of activity at work and I have been swamped with a lot of different things. I can’t to be able to close all the projects I have in hand. I’m looking forward to nice break but that is in the final planning stages.

Thursday I was driving to meeting I had at 2:00 pm to look at some numbers and paperwork. To sort things out with a lot of different projects and just make sure things are on task. We decided to meet up at Starbucks for a change of venue and to get a cool drink while crunching some numbers. After finishing up I got in my car and I decided to go for nice drive with some good music. It felt nice knowing that I didn’t have too much on my plate once I was done, I just kept on driving down the Gulf Road and it felt really nice and relaxing.


Sometimes I wish we had another road other then the Gulf Road to drive and enjoy the scenery. The last couple of weeks I haven’t had a chance to ride, but I will ride soon, I have ridden once or twice at night because of the heat. During the day its around 52C to 53C, and at around 45C I was having a blast but at 53C its just a little too much. It will be interesting when they build the highway between Kuwait and Failaka Island, but I won’t hold my breath for it