Maki Night!



Maki seems to be a favorite for a few people in Kuwait, and so we got invited there by our “other cousin”, I will keep referring to him as that. This is a funny turn of events since the venue changed once and he wasn’t able to come before that. So they decided to go there and I didn’t mind, all I knew is that it was going to be funny night. Sometimes you aren’t supposed to have some people all in the same room at one time, and that happened that evening. We were laughing our heads from the beginning and I was browsing through the menu ordering a few different things, but Maki isn’t the normal sushi place.


I was flipping through and told everyone I’m just going to order a large assortment of items from the menu, between me and my brother we had everything covered in the menu. The funny part about Maki is the Sushi has been localized with names such as Eissa Maki, Manayer Maki, Abdulla Maki, and Majid Maki. The list just keeps going and going, and some people even know who are the people the Makis got named after. Those are the special ones, and I think the Manayer Maki is my favorite maki out of all of them.


It was a funny night from beginning to the end, we were at each others throats the whole evening, someone always taking a shot at the other! Maki is pretty good at some things, and not so in others.




A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. elaine.ess

    u hav to try tha7awi maki!

  2. Sushi, totally not my thing!

  3. Purgatory

    Maki is anti-semitic, how can you go to such a place???

  4. I hate sushi with a passion, i dont get what all the fuss is about!

    I’d rather have chicken or beef teriyaki ;p

  5. I did a poll on my blog about the best Japanese restaurants in Kuwait. I got 39 votes total, 41% of them voted Maki

  6. jewaira

    Manayer maki eh?
    I wonder if they have a Jewaira Maki :P
    Love your reviews Marzouq

  7. sorry dude!
    the only thing that get my tummy growling is 3ysh mechabeeeeeees hehehe

  8. Jacqui: Why? Its good!

    elaine.ess: Really! lol! I will try it!

    N: hmmm, what is?

    Muh’d M. Mansour: lol!

    Purg: I never knew Sushi could be anti-semitic!!! loool!

    ananyah: looool! Its good stuff!

    eshda3wa: alah e3afeech!

    Ansam: Its because its the local favorite but I don’t think its the best!

    Jewaira: If you ask them nicely I think they will make a Maki for you! Happy you enjoying the reviews!

    Laialy: looool! Its on the way!

  9. Sushi.. I tried it a few times, but I just can’t take it.. I prefer to go with the Tepenyaki! Quite tasty!

  10. I’m hungry now! Most of your recent posts are about food (or food and something else, Shrimp Chow Mein!) lol.. ;/ *starving*

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