And We’re Back!!


So it has been a little while since I hung out with my usual cousin but thats because he suddenly took off for vacation which I didn’t approve of! We had a few shows lined up and I was planning to watch them with him, but then I found out the worst part, his vacation was for three weeks. At that point I plotted against him, and I will be watching some shows on my own since he isn’t dependable in either the food or lounging departments!


Since he came back I went over to continue the shows we were watching and it was a promising evening on Thursday. We managed to watch four episodes of Studio 60 and we had two more but I was too tired to watch.


Contents of the Evening:

  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
  • Orange Sherbert
  • Shrimp Chow Mien


There are rules that we follow, they are unwritten rules but at this rate he has broken all of them! One was the food incident, and secondly he has watched the two episodes of Studio 60 that I left with him, without me! I knew before that he couldn’t be trusted with the media, and this has only proved it to me. On another note Amanda Peet is really hot in Studio 60, I liked her since the The Whole Nine Yards. I really like this show and the humor they have it, it really is different and I don’t know how it didn’t make it for next season. I’m still going to watch all 22 episodes and enjoying all of them, too bad NBC doesn’t know a good show when they have it!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Biohazard

    What the hell, move that centre table, throw some pillows and lie there. Old school!

    And.. do you guys fight on who’d be a better boyfriend to Amanda? :$


    NBC are total IDIOTS

    i fell in love with the show, how could they do this to me!!

  3. Nawara

    theres is going to be a second season.. but its a “top secret” thing… they dont want just anyone watching it

  4. Fhaid

    Haven’t seen that show cause it got canceled, i don’t want to get hooked. there are a couple of ABC Family shows that i recently discovered, Kyle XY [which is in it’s second season] and the new amazing Greek.
    i like greek better even though it’s in it’s 3rd episode.
    i can’t wait for September to come, when all the great “real” shows return.
    oh and you should check out The Tudros and Dexter.
    I LOVED Dexter’s first season so check it. it’s worth it believe me.

  5. I still wonder why the network decided to stop studio 60, I liked it. I truly think it was the timing.

  6. maybe because i never watched studio 60 they decided to take it off the air :p

  7. reuslt: start hanging around your house, and start inviting your friends to your home.
    why is it so diffucult for retard to find friends? is our home embarrissing? does your
    father walk around with a bra? i rest my case

  8. For a second or so I thought Orange Sherbert was a TV Show LOL

  9. Biohazard: This is a very nice setup, and you haven’t even seen the couchs. In that regard the large senter table is housing the large projector! And no we don’t fight because my cousin is married and I’m single!

    eshda3wa: Seriously complete idiots! I know what you mean, I’m loving this show!

    Nawara: I want to watch it! How can i get a hold of it?

    Fhaid: I’m downloading greek now, and Kyle XY is an amazing show as you already know! I’m downloading Dexter season one right now, I can’t wait to watch that!

    shopa: I thought it was a great show, but they only want ratings! They should have pushed the show, it was true comedy!

    Laialy: Watch it and bring it back!

    offmyhead: Please don’t bring my family into this.. I would greatly appreciate that! I watch this with my cousin because its a tradition. And watching shows with too many people just doesn’t work out!

    1001: loooool! hahahaha! It was just the menu of the night! lol!

  10. Ok, seems like Studio 60 will be my next show to get! I’m running out stuff to watch right now! Anime.. TV.. its my drug.

  11. Nawara

    u dont, u’d have to be v special…

    i’ll let u know if u want.. ;)

  12. N: Your kidding me! I have too much to see! Thats my problem!

    Nawara: I want in!!!! Gotta have my Studio 60! loooool!

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