VW Shifting


It seems the change is happening, the Volkswagon dealership currently belonging to Fouad Al Ghanim is being taken back to Behbehani. It seems there was some litigation in Germany and they got the dealership back. From people that I know who have Volkswagons, and Audis they are very happy with the service they are getting. There is always the case of one or two unhappy customers but the service is far beyond what VW and Audi used to be in the previous years.

I know there has to be a transition period but I don’t know how bad the service is going to be. Up until the change happened a few years back the Audi and Porsche dealership was in the same building with an abysmal showroom, that was the case with Behbahani, and people still have issues with them when they have problems with there Porsche. As a Porsche the vehicle sells itself they don’t have to make any effort, but previously they just let Audi sit there without any effort to sell it. Now you see more Audis and VWs on the road because of the current dealership, I wonder what is going to happen to the people who already own this car.

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  1. Weren’t dealships (in general) canceled or stopped by some trade law that was passed a while back? Or does it just not apply, that’s so weird. Anyway I love Audi and VW I think they’re really ones of the best cars available. I don’t own one, but one of my family members does, so we’ll see how it goes.

  2. with the crappy service in general in Kuwait, VW should sell itself because it’s so reliable you may never need to take it to the useless dealer!

    Now there’s a selling point for a car in Kuwait, and explains why there aren’t many Italian cars driver here!

  3. I have to disagree when you state that you see more VW’s and Audi’s on the road becuase of the service quality. When Fuad Al-Ghanim took over both VW and Audi, it was at strategic moment for them. Both Car makers had a major and i mean MAJOR redesing change in all of there product. VW introduced the Toureg and all there other cars redeveloped and redesinged, same went for the Audi a Major redesign for all of there vehicles. Al-Ghanim took over both company at the best possible moment and thats why we see more cars on the road.

  4. Jafar

    True that the GAT Agreements prevents barriers in trade,,,but no major cosumer oriented product can do without a Local Partner specially cars where major investments and local support is needed.

    The return of the Dealership to Behbehani is a mater of principle & fair play.That is why the German Courts ruled for Behbehani.

    Now as customers we have all the rights to demand the best service from the supplier of any product directly or through local representative whoever they are.

    From what I hear AUDI might still remain with Al-Ghanim but needs few more months to clarify.

    I personally wish both copanies Al-Ghanim & Behbehani all the best

  5. Bahbahani was the best dealership, I remember my dad buying a miniature VW, it was about 15 years ago or something.
    Thats why I prefer Bahbahani

  6. The Big Picture: VW and Audi always had great products

  7. omg !!!

    how confirmed is that??

    i have a VW i dont want to go to Behbehani, because my brother with his Jeep had the worst experience with them!!!!!!!

  8. Mark u mistunderstood my point, I never said that they didnt have good products, what i said was that Al-Ghanim took over the companies when the changes occured, with newer vehicles all redesigned. As you know Kuwait even the general public gets tired if something stays the same for a long time, both Audi and VW havent changed there vehicles for more than 7 years. So when Al-Ghanim took them over, all the new products were getting introduced. Like i said “a strategic takeover” the perfect time to take over a company, is when a company is introducing new products i.e.(newer models).

  9. N: i’m just speaking in general terms, some could be dristributors, and some could be sole distributors. I’m not sure of the current law. It will be interesting to see.

    moocherx: loool!

    The Big Picture: I agree that the change did happen, but to be fair the change in design happened before the switch over. Behbahani had the redesigned Toureg and Audi, but they just let it move as is. From those who I have asked who own audi/vw vehicles before and after the change, they are having a better experience now.

    Jafar: I do agree that there has to be local representation. If it comes to a matter of Fair Play then the customer has to be taken into consideration. Capitalism works at its best when we get better service, the problem is the past history and their in-action towards customers. Yes VW is shifting but Audi will remain. I honestly want the company with the better service to have the dealership, that is my opinion overall.

    Muh’d M. Mansour: things have changed from 15 years ago!

    Mark: Its true to a certain extent, recently they have really overhauled their products!

    Q80-ChillGirl: Very confirmed! Thats why I’m worried as well!

  10. Corolla Man (AE86)

    The best thing to make both comanies sell VW so there will competation between in selling prices and the after sale service.

  11. Jafar

    One last thing is that we should not mix-up all the Behbehanis.Eventhough they are cusins & brothers,each dealership has it’s management & is independent.For example Jeep is under a partnership between Behbehani & Al-Mulla so nothing to do with Behbehani VW or other brands.
    Behbehani GMC is the largest GMC dealer outside of USA & the third largets in the world interms of sales & that definitly is a result of customer satisfaction,,,,,,etc,,,etc

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