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VW Shifting


It seems the change is happening, the Volkswagon dealership currently belonging to Fouad Al Ghanim is being taken back to Behbehani. It seems there was some litigation in Germany and they got the dealership back. From people that I know who have Volkswagons, and Audis they are very happy with the service they are getting. There is always the case of one or two unhappy customers but the service is far beyond what VW and Audi used to be in the previous years.

I know there has to be a transition period but I don’t know how bad the service is going to be. Up until the change happened a few years back the Audi and Porsche dealership was in the same building with an abysmal showroom, that was the case with Behbahani, and people still have issues with them when they have problems with there Porsche. As a Porsche the vehicle sells itself they don’t have to make any effort, but previously they just let Audi sit there without any effort to sell it. Now you see more Audis and VWs on the road because of the current dealership, I wonder what is going to happen to the people who already own this car.