Barber Night!


Today was just one of those days! Lots to do, and I didn’t have enough energy but I still did it. I was happy that it was probably the only night that I got a good nights sleep! Right after work I came home to find out that one of the A/C units just completely gave up, so I called one of the A/C guys to come and even though it is under a maintanance contract and they have to fix it everytime as part of the contract it wasn’t cooling enough in an essential location. So I asked them to get me a quote for a larger and newer unit, the current one is about 21 years old, about as old as the house. I’m taking a look at different options but I’m going to wait for their quote first. That is one thing that interrupted my short lunch!

Then I found out a friend was in town and nobody knew and he was going back to Dubai at night. So I took off to his house and it was a nice surprise. Also I found out that my recently married friend just got back today, because they are neighbors. Two of us took him to the airport and we sat with him there enjoying the little time he had left in town. It was nice catching up with an old good friend, he is one of those friends that will always be a friend no matter where he lives or what he does.

Then I went to the gas station that didn’t have power for some reason and I had to wait 25 minutes for power to come back to the Al Oula gas station in Qortuba. From there I took off to the barber and it was something I was looking forward to. As soon as I sat down he started buzzing, and while he was shaving my head I fell asleep on the seat. He even finished my head while I was asleep, he could tell that I was tired but he knew that this happens every once in while. I woke up, but then when he started shaving my face it felt so damn nice that I fell asleep again. I think I just feel really comfortable at the Barber shop. Just not enough hours in the day!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. hope u get a good nights sleep tonight too!

  2. looooooooooooooooool
    you always seem to fall asleep at the Barbers according to your posts
    i get very tense when people touch me

  3. ananyah: I need it for sure!

    pearls: thanks!

    Laialy: of course, its too damn comfortable! On the other side, I’m a guy, I don’t get tense because of that! lol!

  4. hahah yeah I remember you mentioned that sleeping earlier. It happens to me quite a bit too. I have been shaving at home recently so I haven’t been there in a while!

    We also have those air conditions, and it is a pain to come and get the local company to get them fixed. Like you said some of these are just too old! We should probably look into getting a new one.

  5. N: Since I’m in Kuwait I take it as an enjoyable past time to go shaving in Kuwait! Thats why I don’t do it at home! In regards to the A/C I’m trying to see whats the best solution!

  6. Purgatory

    umm, your sleep habits reminds me of someone else :)

  7. Do you go to a barbershop in Qurtuba ?

  8. I didn’t know there was one after the renovation of the jam3iya

  9. Purg: looool!

    G-Funk: No, I go to one in Salmiya!

    Vegabond: Not in Mishref, I go to salmiya for my Barber!

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