Brilliant Starcase Storage


Now this is an ingenious idea, you could turn your staircase into storage compartments. The stipulation would be that the staircase would be made out of wood, in our case it would be difficult to implement in the Middle East since most houses are made of concrete.

The staircase would be a little heavy to move if it was concrete or marble, but still its an ingenious idea and it would really be secure storage.

Link: Gizmag

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  1. Lazy people would probably never open the drawer at the top of the stairs each and every time though! Heck even someone who isn’t lazy wouldn’t want to have to climb up or down the stairs all the time to get something they need. So whatever items are left inside would just acquire dust haha :P

  2. I really like that idea. Especially in smaller houses in the UK where the hallways are always full of kids shoes, coats, etc.

  3. That’s a really cool idea..very innovative. It just makes me wonder about the stability of the staircase if it’s hollow like that right under each step.

  4. It’s very helpful and make a big difference when you present your house for friends and stangers as well. House Buyers know how to benefit from this feature espically if they have kids.

    I think it’s a good feature but not for Kuwait. We have rooms dedicated to games and can be used as a storage.

  5. Imagine running down the stairs because you are late for work, and the damn kids left a drawer open. You can look forward to a good tumble down the stairs and a broken leg.

  6. Rob a local bank and stash your money there no cop would ever find it. Hell drugs or waaaaaaaaaaaaait!

    Hide your pirated movies and software LOL!

  7. Don Veto: Stop giving such excellent reasons to avoid having kids!

  8. there is this program they have on the one of the channel in the US, they always show some amazing houses … i remember seeing one house that had actually done that
    great idea .. people always need storage and the more hidden it is the better

  9. I like the idea.
    *imagines concrete drawers..* humm..

  10. commenter: yup!

    Vagabond: looool! That is the case, what ever you store shouldn’t be used frequently!

    moocherx: Yes its meant for small places such as the houses in the UK!

    3baid: yup!

    1001: Most staircases are hollow in UK and other places! Only when its concrete is it really full!

    Chroma-Trauma: I know what you mean, in Kuwait size isn’t the biggest issue but I really like the idea and how it can be applied!

    Don Veto:loooooooooool! Now I pictured that in my head!

    Jacqui: looooool! U nut case!

    moocherx: looool!

    Laialy: That is the very nice! It would be nice to see how bad houses are from inside in Kuwait! lol!

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