Review: Outlaw


This is one interesting movie with some very disturbing twists. When things just aren’t going well for some people, people with different backgrounds but the same situation, the country has failed them, their law has failed them, This movie is made up of some very interesting characters who give it a different taste. The law has failed them and they have taken matters into their own hands turning London and the surrounding area into their own backyard. They punish those they see as guilty, and they attack the criminals at their vitals points. All this and the law is always one step behind them. Its a really good movie if you like the criminal type movies, and its interesting to see these combination of actors, really worth seeing.


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  1. I will check it out although I’m not a fan of Shaft-Like movies.

  2. This movie gives me that “The World Is At It’s End” feeling which does not go well with me . . . The acting was pretty decent, but I gues it just didn’t patch right . . . Something missing in the movie. . . . .

  3. Laialy: yup!

    chikapappi: you have to like this genre to enjoy it! lol!

    N: yup!

    Chroma-Trauma: hmmm, its worth a look. Its not too Shaft-Like!

    Azariath: hhmmm, I liked how raw it was. It felt like they were really trying to figure out what to do next!

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