Ferrari 430 Scuderia


I’m not the usual Ferrari fanatic, and not all their cars appeal to me but it seems that they have done it right this time with the Scuderia. They have taken a good vehicle and turned it into an exquisite sports machine. They have taken their F1 know how and put it into the modification of this machine, at 510 bhp and 100 Kgs lighter then the regular 430 this is one sports oriented machine. I like the combination of red, grey, and matt gold rims. It takes a special type of car to pull off those kinds of rims and they did it with this one.

Link: SeriousWheels






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  1. zahed

    i wana drive this car and have a nice kick ass shawerma while driving ABNEE then il buy all the shawerma stands in kuwait and i wont let mark have any that 7azraaaaaa

  2. zahed: I’m going woop you! And I’m going to beat you with a Shawerma!

  3. Very hot look. I can totally see this being called “SCOD” in Kuwait. ;/ Butchering the pure Italian name.. as they did with touareg.

  4. N: Loool! That would be horrible, they wouldn’t even know!

    nibaq: Ok now thats damn cool! I would mod the hell out of it!

  5. Corolla Man (AE86)

    على راسي هاذي سيارتي المفضلة و عندي القديمة عن الAE86
    بس صعب أحصل قطع

  6. Corolla Man (AE86)

    nibaq على راسي يا

  7. is this the new “F430 challenge stradale” ?!

  8. You do realize that we would probably get into a lot of trouble if we had the keys to a Scuderia.

  9. 6 Scuderia have been ordered from Lebanon!!! this car is superb!!

  10. I’m not a Ferrari person either! But what can I do if my Ice Man is driving for them now; so I have to support! :P

    I should have been an F1 Driver!!! ;)

  11. Corolla Man: Yala inshalla itsale7 el A86 soon!

    vampire: I don’t know!

    K: We are in trouble in Yarises!

    ananyah: very!

    eliedh: Very interesting!

    Nora: loooooooool! Choose Moto GP Rider or F1 Driver!!! Choose only one!

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