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Some Tunes!


These are just some of the songs that I have been listening too recently!

50 Cent ft. JT & Timbaland – Ayo

I have always been a fan of 50 Cent and Timbaland, and I have a lot of respect to JT for doing what he does and the amount of talent he has. Its hit after hit for these guys and combination of the three couldn’t be any better. Also it helps to have a good music video.

Link: Youtube

WILL.I.AM- I Got It From My Mamma

I have always like WILL.I.AM from the early days of the Black Eye Peas, but I really really envy the man in this video, just in this video. I should plan my next vacation to go to Brazil this is just too much. Every man should go to Brazil once in this life, and I really like this video!

Link: DailyMotion

Sean Kingston – Beautiful Girl

This song from Sean Kingston is something which I find to be original and different. The song has a very old school beat but he has a unique style and I really like the way they made this music video. Its enjoyable, and they did a really good job with it.

Link: Youtube