Some Tunes!


These are just some of the songs that I have been listening too recently!

50 Cent ft. JT & Timbaland – Ayo

I have always been a fan of 50 Cent and Timbaland, and I have a lot of respect to JT for doing what he does and the amount of talent he has. Its hit after hit for these guys and combination of the three couldn’t be any better. Also it helps to have a good music video.

Link: Youtube

WILL.I.AM- I Got It From My Mamma

I have always like WILL.I.AM from the early days of the Black Eye Peas, but I really really envy the man in this video, just in this video. I should plan my next vacation to go to Brazil this is just too much. Every man should go to Brazil once in this life, and I really like this video!

Link: DailyMotion

Sean Kingston – Beautiful Girl

This song from Sean Kingston is something which I find to be original and different. The song has a very old school beat but he has a unique style and I really like the way they made this music video. Its enjoyable, and they did a really good job with it.

Link: Youtube

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  1. DeReD

    Dude.. if you go to Brazil, U aint coming back for sure.. NO WAY..

    Its gonna be like this

    Zouq: baby where u get ur body from?
    baby where u got ur body from?

    Sizzling Babe: I got it from my mama
    I got it from my mama

    Zouq: CENSORED
    Sizzling Babe: CENSORED!


  2. 50 cent is fake, justin is gay and sean well i just hate his voice :P lol hate ’em :P

  3. okay excuuuuuuuuse me, but I (yes ME) was the one who told u abt these songs so where is my lil credit ;p~

    you were basically drooling last nite @ the videos hahahahaha

  4. Eddy

    try listening to Linkin Park-What Ive Done

  5. *starts singing*

    They’ll have you suicidal, suicidal
    When they say its over
    They’ll have you suicidal, suicidal
    When they say its over

    DAAAAAAAMN all these beeee’uuuti’ful girlzzzzz

  6. Sean Kingston – Beautiful Girl …

    OMG.. it’s been playing non-stop on the radio! i can’t hear it anymore lol

  7. Fhaid

    try these:

    Boyz – M.I.A. [that’s how music is done]
    Disrespectful – Chaka Khan w/ Mary J. Blige
    Foundations – Kate Nash
    So Small – Carrie Underwood
    Wake Up Call – Maroon 5
    Worried About Ray – The Hoosiers
    Trouble – Ray Lemontagne
    any song by Nikka Costa/Amy Winehouse, and you’re set!

    i hate Beautiful Girls, though i like the reply Jojo did, i just can’t stand Sean’s voice.
    As for Ayo Techbology, i like it, it’s ok.
    I Got It From My Mama sounds like a poor man’s My Humps.
    even though the later was annoying as hell when all radio stations played it… i still think it’s genius. + i know he produced both of those songs but i like “My Humps” more.


    I like 50 Cent’s new collab with Timbo and JT. I really REALLY hate I Got It From My Mamma, Will.I.Am should stick to producing songs.

    I find Sean’s voice annonying so I hated this song at first, But I heard JoJo’s cover and I loved it!

    You should listen to Bone Thugz and Harmony ft. Mariah Carey & Bow Wow – Lil L.O.V.E. Addictive song!

  9. DeReD: You got that right! loooool!

    outlaw: loooooooooooool! I gotta love the commentary!

    K: ee wala!!!

    ananyah: You are excused!!! I should have been there first person you notify about this! Secondly you didn’t give the music early enough!!! Hell yeah I was drooling!

    Eddy: I will check it out! I Linkin Park!

    Laialy: EXACTLY! THey got me suicidal! looool!

    Bsanctuary: It good get annoying if it was played non-stop! Thats for sure!

    Fhaid: Very nice combination!! Thanks for posting it up!!!

    MEANBOY: 50 cent and the whole collabo is great! As for Bone Thugz, anything they do is money!!! And I do love that song!

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