Apollo Cinemas


Apollo Cinemas is located on Little Regent Street really close to Piccadilly Circus. It is probably my favorite cinema to go watch movies in. The theaters have very comfortable seats and they usually have a variety of movies from main blockbusters to some indie sci-fi and other types of movies. They usually have some very interesting premieres and they have really good service. The seating is really comfortable, the sound is fantastic, and the screen quality is fantastic. They have a total of 5 screens, and you can rent out a theater for 400 pounds to do private screenings of movies in the theater or you can screen your own DVD which is great, and they have other services. Its even nice to lounge around there before the theater, and its rarely full except for blockbuster movies. To get all this service the tickets are not cheap so not everyone goes there, but if you want quality and your movie is playing there then this is the cinema to go to. I usually try to watch all the movies I want at this theater when I am in London.










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    Here’s a stupid question. Can you bring a DVD of a concert or a tv show and play it there?

  2. I remember the much grander cinema THE PLAZA – it was an excellent cinema with 5 screens (two of them were huge) i think and a Baskin Robbins on the ground flour – it played mostly paramount and universal stuff. I saw SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT, AIRPORT 77, STAR TREK III and AIRPLANE there – among many other flicks. It was in the same location – but now some of it has been turned into a supermarket (next to Apollo).

    Here’s a story I did you might be interested in on the same subject: http://www.hilaliya.com/2006/12/my_old_cinema_haunts_a_bygone.html

  3. nice real nice, looks quite cool!

  4. Hasan.B

    My favourite aswell. But i think it is in lower regent street not little.

  5. MEANBOY: Yup you can!

    Amer: Wow that is an old cinema! Its a TESCO supermarket now, no longer what it used to be!

    N: Yup!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: Its funky!

    Hasan.B: I keep saying Little instead of Lower! lol!

  6. Fhaid

    Whoa, i’ve been to london a million times before, and never have i seen this cinema, seems fancy! i like!
    I’ll make sure to check it out when i’m there again!

  7. Laialy: Yup, the popcorn is so damn good!

    Fhaid: Its worth going to and nobody goes to it, thats the best part!

  8. Is it like the Gallery in ‘Print Works’ cinema ?? .. You pay 13 pounds for any movie.. Good experince.. but nothing spactacular…
    Glad you had fun there

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