Review: Evan Almighty


This is a different sequel to Bruce Almighty in which Jim Carrey was a man who got in touch with God, and things just went crazy from there. In this movie God approached Evan Baxter (Steve Carell) to get his message across in Washington. Carell is one funny character, just the man you want for this situation and I really enoyed him from 40yr Virgin. He is told to build the Ark, and to save the animals from a flood, and everyone thinks he has gone over the top at this point. Morgan Freeman plays the role of God in this movie and plays the same character as the previous one. All the things that happen to Baxter are nothing short of hilarious and you just follow along as his role unfolds. Its an entertaining move to watch, and worth watching if you like Steven Carell.


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  1. I loved Bruce Almighty. I’m looking forward to see this, and hopefully it will be just as good.

  2. I still slightly prefer Jim, but I think Steve is alright for the movie.


    I didn’t really like Steve in The 40 Y.O Virgin but I love him in The Office, so I’ll def check this movie out!

  4. jewaira

    It was a light, amusing film with a good message at the end.
    I loved all the animals especially those lemonade sipping baboons!

  5. I remember Bruce Almighty as if it was yesterday, it was my 1st year here in Egypt.
    Anyway, I saw the trailer and it looks funny. I’m looking forward to see Evan Almighty.

  6. N: It isn’t better but its pretty good!

    3baid: It all depends who you like, I really like Steve Carell!

    MEANBOY: hmmmm… I really liked him in both!

    jewaira: Gotta love the babooons!!! They were hilarious!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: No prob!

    Jacqui: it was nice!

  7. Welcome Back Marzouq…
    It might be funny, but it’s against our religion .. Portraying our god and making a funny movie of Noah Story is not something we should watch or even recommened.. That’s my opinion in any movie that shows god ‘Allah’/any prophet and any of the Sahaba ..
    Have a nice day *_^

  8. Chroma-Trauma: Thanks!! I can understand your point of view, but not taking it seriously is the point. The point is to enjoy the comedy, nothing more nothing less! :)

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