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Music CDs!


I do buy CDs every once in a while, and some of these CDs have some very good songs that don’t go mainstream so I’m very happy to get my hands on them. But I have become lazy over the past few months. I have a lot of CDs, about 60 – 70 CDs that I want to rip to my PC but I don’t want to go through a tedious process. I already have Slysoft which is a program to remove all DRM properties of CD so that I can easily access the audio but I don’t have a program that can just rip the songs and add the correct ID3 tags. This is something that will help my digitizing process of my audio, those 60 – 70 CDs are only the new ones. I might easily have over 400 – 500 CDs in the storage that I will want to completely digitize but I haven’t gotten around to it. Any help with the software that can automate this process in a very simple, quick, and customizable manner?

Not iTunes!!!