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I do buy CDs every once in a while, and some of these CDs have some very good songs that don’t go mainstream so I’m very happy to get my hands on them. But I have become lazy over the past few months. I have a lot of CDs, about 60 – 70 CDs that I want to rip to my PC but I don’t want to go through a tedious process. I already have Slysoft which is a program to remove all DRM properties of CD so that I can easily access the audio but I don’t have a program that can just rip the songs and add the correct ID3 tags. This is something that will help my digitizing process of my audio, those 60 – 70 CDs are only the new ones. I might easily have over 400 – 500 CDs in the storage that I will want to completely digitize but I haven’t gotten around to it. Any help with the software that can automate this process in a very simple, quick, and customizable manner?

Not iTunes!!!

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  1. i have no clue .. but if you do get around to figuring it out would you mind sharing! :p

  2. iTunes. I have my music library organized there.

    400 to 500 CD bs ?!

  3. Fhaid

    If they’re the real CDs, which means the original artist’s CD then yeah sure iTunes will work just fine!
    But if you got a compilation CDs then oh well… i have no clue what to do with those.

  4. iTunes, Winamp, I think even WMP does it for you (but encodes in WMA). I’d mostly recommend winamp since I worked with it a long time ago. I haven’t ripped a CD in ages, so I don’t really know if there is a more recent better program out there.

  5. Laialy: looool! I will get back to you on that!

    G-Funk: iTunes as a software is very hostile on the system meaning that it takes over most of the filetypes and its almost impossible to remove all traces of it! Thats why I don’t like iTunes! And yup only that many CDs!

    Fhaid: iTunes is what I want to avoid, I’m looking for an alternative solution!

    N: I’m thinking about WinAmp but I want something is more dedicated to just ripping and encoding! Thats all I want it to do! Same here I haven’t ripped CDs in ages, but I have too many at this point! And I don’t like iTunes so I want to avoid it if possible!

  6. knafa

    zoug check “Exact Audio Copy” (from german programmer) :

    it’s the best cd-ripper on earth and the program that hold some audiophile users from switch to Mac or Linux and the funny thing it’s free.

    it can perfect copy cd’s if combine with good quality cd-rom’s (like old plextor rom’s)

    and have what you want about automizing audio meta data (ID3 tags) but you need connect to the internet to let the program communicate with CDDB (global database for audio cd’s) and retrieve the cd info which take only few seconds and your’e done :)

  7. I was just checking out EAC’s website (above) and it seems like it could be the ideal solution! It doesn’t include a compressor to convert to MP3s but it seems you could create a small batch file (using the flags in the FAQ) to encode the WAVs using LAME and probably even create Aritst / Album directories in the process!

    Theoretically it seems very possible.. I’m liking this one! *bookmarked*

    If you still need something else, try checking the free softwares here;

  8. knafa


    sorry i forget about lame, the program need lame.exe (mp3 encoder), they didn’t included it cause some people use old version of lame so they let you choose it.

    last lame encoders can be found here:

    the last stable one is 3.97, though many people prefer the old one 3.96.1.

    and you’re right the program can easily create Artist/Album directories with album pictures and tags.

  9. Mark: Thats really outdated!!!

    knafa: Thanks a lot! I will try this out and see how it work! If it can rip the CDs, conver to MP3 through lame encoding, and put all the meta data, thats just perfect!

    N: Those are a huge list of audio CD rippers with a few more things to add! But I like what Knafa gave and you can just download the Lame Enconder to go with it to make it work perfectly. I will be trying it out this weekend for sure!

    3baid: Fantastic! And thanks for the link!

  10. Marzouq : The only reason i see for you not using itunes is that you don’t know how to work with it . With you being on windows. Using iTunes might cause some problems with your particular system. iTunes is the easiest jukebox I’ve ever used, not because it’s an apple product. but because its smart and easy to use. it doesn’t use a lot of system resources on MAC OSX nor windows. Most people i know on windows uses iTunes , And for you not being able to delete/remove tracks out of itunes is because you don’t know how.. I suggest that you read a little bit more on iTunes .

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  12. G-Funk: I think you misunderstood, the reason I don’t like iTunes is because its a heavy application and it takes over the formats, and even when you uninstall the program it still leaves some items on your PC which is very annoying. People use iTunes because its forced to work with the iPods and they got used to it. Its an excellent library managment system, but for my purposes of burning and ripping it doesn’t help what so ever. IF you search online you do find a lot of people dissatisfied with the program.

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