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Review: Death Note


This is one of the most riveting anime stories ever told, and you are kept on your toes throughout every episode. Each one keeps getting better and better. Yagami Light discovers a notebook, which seems rather normal until he reads the content which describes it as a Death Note, a notebook of Shinigami (A Death God). And if he writes a person’s name there and he has an image of his face then that person will die of a heart attack unless otherwise specified differently. This is a very twisted and action packed anime about a young man who is given the power to kill at his will just by writing a persons’ name down. Things get very intense as he is challenged by one of the most intelligent investigator in the current century and Yagami is also on the same level of intelligence. That person is known as L, and Yagami is given the name Kira since they do not know his real name. From the start it is Kira vs. L and thing progress in a way which leaves you no idea what is the next step. This is one of the best animes ever made and should be watched by any person who remotely likes anime, you want nothing but to watch it from end to end but you are not satisfied when it finishes since it is so damn good.


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